West Point Must Cancel Its Nike Contract

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First of all, full disclosure; I am a 1980 graduate of that hallowed institution known as The United States Military Academy at West Point. Being raised in an environment of Duty, Honor, Country, quite necessarily colors my opinion on this matter.


Back in 2015, THE Academy (all others are merely cheap imitations, especially that place that teaches Boat Driving) collaborated with Nike in a rebranding of what was then known as, “Army Athletics.” Part of that rebranding was changing the “Army Team” to the “Army West Point” team. Along with that came a new set of color combinations for team uniforms that I must admit, are pretty decent.

This contract even extended across sales of fan “gear,” which I spend about as much on as Fly Fishing and Golf equipment…until recently. The first thing that sparked my ire, was Nike’s full-throated support for that pampered millionaire, Colin Kaepernick. Like any real American, I expressed my personal displeasure by merely refusing to purchase more Nike emblazoned gear. Well, I also modified some of the stuff I had already purchased and did not wish to throw away.

This time, Nike has stepped way over the line. It has a new poster ad out showing seven hijab-wearing Muslim female athletes with the caption, “Don’t change who you are. Change the world.” Change the World alright. As I noted in a previous article, Islam is a politico, socio, military construct, masquerading as a religion in order to establish the Worldwide Caliphate. Yes. Change the World. Change it into a woman subjugating, mutilating planet governed by a theocracy that thrives on violence, want, deprivation and envy.

Nike Ad

The United States Military Academy at West Point needs to have no truck with an organization that promotes such in its advertising. I hope my fellow members of The Long Gray Line will step up and let The Academy know that we really don’t want our beloved Alma Mater involved with such an unpatriotic organization that obviously has such little concern for women.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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