7 Year Old Boy Raises 22K for Border Wall by Selling Hot Chocolate

7 Year Old Boy Raises 22K for Border Wall by Selling Hot Chocolate

In one of the better feel good stories I’ve seen in a while, Fox News 4 reports that a 7 year old boy from Texas has raised $22,000.00 in support of President Trump and the Border Wall. Young Benton Stevens opened up a hot chocolate stand and used the proceeds to donate to the private Build The Wall Fund, run by wounded Veteran and triple amputee, Brian Kolfage. From the article


It all started with President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union Address. Benton’s mother, Jennifer, told Fox 35 that Benton decided to start raising money for the border wall construction after President Trump said that we needed to protect our country and build a wall.

“Benton decided right then and there that he wanted to help the President build the wall,” Jennifer said.

Somebody is raising that kid right. Check out the entire article. It shows that the younger generations aren’t totally lost. Hopefully, Mom & Dad can keep him inoculated against the leftist propaganda he’s sure to be subjected to as he passes through our disordered education system.

Nicely done, Benton!

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