Let Georgia Voters Decide if Non Citizens Should Be Voting in Georgia's Elections

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Georgia resident and voter Ken Hand signs American for Citizen Voting’s ‘Only Citizens Vote’ petition at the state capitol.

I have been extremely honored to write for RedState for almost two years now. During that time, I have opined on issues and topics ranging from the first Trump impeachment to Big Tech censorship. As president of Americans for Citizen Voting (ACV), I have also been calling attention on these pages to a growing movement to permit permanent legal residents (Green Card holders) to vote in school board and mayoral elections.


We all know if this practice becomes widespread and accepted, the next logical step would be to allow those with permanent legal status to vote legally in gubernatorial, congressional, and of course, presidential elections. This has to be stopped in its tracks before we really do have “foreign interference in our elections” by having green card holders voting in our elections — at all levels.

Still can’t believe this is occurring? Here’s an excerpt from Atlanta’s 11 Alive News:

Welcome to Clarkston, Georgia. It’s a small city in the South that pays city workers a guaranteed $15 minimum wage, gives its employees a paid day off to vote and passed the most liberal marijuana ordinance in the state of Georgia. Next, it could give all residents the right to vote in city elections – even if they aren’t a U.S. citizen.

“We’re not talking about illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants. We’re talking about law abiding permanent residents who have green cards and who were vetted to come to our country,” said City Council member Awet Eyasu. The 2014 U.S. Census reports more than half of the city’s population is foreign-born. In the past two decades, Clarkston has welcomed more than 3,000 refugees from Syria, Liberia and other war-torn countries. “I think if any city in the country has a case to make for allowing all residents to vote in local elections, it’s Clarkston,” Mayor Ted Terry said.


In this video below, Shadow Georgia governor Stacy Abrams says flat-out the Democrats new “blue wave” of future voters should include non citizens:

Because Georgia will be such an important battleground state next year and in 2024, Americans for Citizen Voting held a press conference last week at the Georgia state capitol with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Secretary Raffensperger signed our petition asking the state legislature to place a measure on the ballot next year asking voters if they want non citizens voting in their elections — at any level

Now, now. I can almost literally hear the collective groans out there from many of you who don’t particularly care for Brad Raffensperger — especially after the fiasco that was the 2020 Georgia election. ACV was not endorsing Mr. Raffensperger’s re-election or offering him electoral support. The sole purpose of this press conference was to bring attention to our online petition – and this important issue – with the elected official in Georgia in charge of elections.

(From left to right) Georgia SOS Brad Raffensperger, ACV President Chris Arps, Immigration attorney and ACV board member Jalesia “Jasha” McQueen Kuenzel and Georgia resident and voter Ken Hand.

The media coverage was fantastic – as you’d expect with a press conference with a controversial issue and a controversial politician. All the local TV media covered it along with many Georgia publications and several national publications including The Epoch Times and The Washington Examiner. I even made an appearance the next morning on Newsmax’s Wake Up America program.



Fairness and integrity in our elections is the fundamental bedrock of our republic. If both of these principles are missing, we will gradually lose our two hundred years-plus experiment with self government. What we will have instead, at best, is a banana republic where the results of an election will always be in dispute, and that is a recipe for anarchy.


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