"Only" One Word Is Allowing Non Citizens to Vote Legally

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An election official, left, maintains the crowd line and parking spaces as people line up to vote at the Minneapolis Early Vote Center on the last day of early voting Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Minneapolis. The Associated Press will debut a new survey of the nation’s electorate that aims to more accurately capture the story of how Americans vote and why in Tuesday’s midterm elections. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

As we get closer to November’s election, many – including myself – are worried that Democrats are going to pull out all the stops to steal this election from President Trump and Republicans.

And why wouldn’t they? They have a nominee heading the ticket who is clearly suffering from cognitive decline and a vice presidential nominee that is unlikeable and was only chosen because of her race and gender.

I’ve chronicled in this space the Democrats “Sue until Your Blue” election scheme to allow the counting of so called “universal mail in ballots” days AFTER the election.

Pennsylvania Democrats have found a friendly judge who ruled last week that mail in ballots can be counted three days after the election – and the ballots do not require a postmark!

My organization Americans for Citizen Voting conducted a town hall over the summer with True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht. Her organization is working feverishly to stop universal mail in balloting in Nevada and Virginia:

In Nevada, True the Vote filed a preliminary injunction challenging the Secretary of State’s imposition of “universal mail in balloting.”  This is where ballots are mailed to every registered voter without the voter  actually requesting a ballot which is illegal under Nevada law. TTV  is also challenging Clark County’s decision to illegally mail ballots to inactive voters and the hiring of illegal ballot harvesters. And in Virginia, TTV filed a preliminary injunction to stop the Virginia State Board of Elections from designating everyone in Virginia as “disabled” as a means to illegally allow all voters to request an absentee ballot. Current law prevents them from doing this.


Another recourse for Democrats to steal this election is to allow non citizens – and potentially illegal aliens –  to vote LEGALLY in our elections.

Our friends on the other side of the aisle have bombarded us for over three years about “foreign intervention in our elections.” Well, I can’t think of a better example of that than having green card holders and illegal aliens voting legally in our elections.

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate and shadow governor Stacy Abrams has bragged that illegals should be a part of the Democrats so called “Blue Wave.”

I am in Georgia this week to bring attention to this issue. Georgia, which was once a reliably red state, has been trending purple the last couple of election cycles.

One example of that is the defeat of SR 818 in the Georgia General Assembly. The resolution would have “proposed an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Georgia so as to clarify that only citizens of the United States shall have a right to vote in elections in this state.

The measure needed a two thirds majority to pass but failed in the Republican controlled Senate 33-19. Similar to most other states, Georgia’s state constitution does say every U. S. citizen has the right to vote. That’s pretty definitive and case closed, right?

It’s unfortunately not. A few states and municipalities are proposing and allowing legal non citizens to vote in school board and municipal elections. How are they able to so bodaciously disregard their state constitutions?


Surprisingly, the legal loophole they think they have found is that most state constitutions say citizens have the right to vote but not ONLY citizens have the right to vote.

Americans for Citizen Voting this week sent emails and certified letters to 208 incumbents and 174 candidates for the general assembly asking them a simple question.

Will they sign a pledge supporting an amendment to the Georgia state constitution that says ONLY U.S. citizens can vote in our elections – at all levels of government.

We are awaiting their responses and we are planning a press conference later this week with these patriotic legislators and candidates. Stay tuned!


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