Gun-Free Zones Like The Walking Dead


Students and teachers are going to have to consider if they are willing to conceal-carry on a “gun-free” college campus. At this point the college campus anti-gun laws are endangering lives. The coward killers are obviously targeting campuses because they have free reign there.

The reality is that guns are not going anywhere in the U.S. No background check would’ve kept a gun out of the hands of the recent Oregon lunatic. From what we know, he had no criminal record and he was of age. The only slight tell was of the mental disturbance type.  He had no friends and never had a girlfriend.  Sadly, the man went crazy from loneliness.

Even a trampling of our second-amendment right and a complete ban on firearms would do little to prevent crazies from getting guns. There is such a saturation of firearms in the U.S. that it makes its comparison to England and Australia very, very stupid (never mind that violent crimes and home invasions are through the roof in those countries: It’s like saying planting vineyards in Alaska would yield the same result as in Napa Valley. That’s not how it works. Europe never came close to having the cache of firearms in circulation like the U.S. When I was in ninth grade, one of our friends bought a .9 millimeter off the streets, “just to have one.” We lived in middle-class Lilburn suburbs. Our high school was rated one of the best in the nation. That’s how easy it is to unlawfully obtain a firearm—honor roll kids driving around their father’s mustangs had one.

The president and his cohorts are liars. The engine of accomplishments for this president has been fueled on lies, damned lies, and more lies. He lied about Obamacare, he lied about Benghazi, he lied about being a Christian, and he lies whenever he pretends to give a crap about the victims of these tragedies. The only thing he cares about is his Marxist agenda.

Among the many silly things the president said in last night’s press conference was that more people want gun control than not. That’s simply untrue (  ). He insists that powerful gun lobbies are what prevent “common sense laws” from being enacted.  Lie again. In April 2013, a Democrat-controlled Senate blocked gun-control legislature after Sandy Hook. Citizens took to the phones and told their senators to block any gun-control bill or they’ll pay the price come election time. The gun lobbies are powered by people. simply sends an email telling us the weather and we either react or not. It’s not like big pharma or corporate lobbyists. The people calling their senator’s offices are citizens who don’t get a dime for doing so. They genuinely want to preserve their right to their firearm.

The liberal view of firearms reminds me of The Walking Dead. Twice during the show Rick and the gang were told they couldn’t carry their firearms on the premises of their hosts: on Hershel’s farm and at the Alexandria haven. Meanwhile, killer zombies are roaming everywhere. Both times the zombies broke through and reigned hell. Big surprise, right?

This comparison may seem silly, but this is a perfect illustration of the liberal outlook; they constantly confuse their wishful utopia with reality. Law-abiding people void in homicidal tendencies are constantly told that more federal gun restrictions will protect them from the people who don’t adhere to said laws. Will the Muslim extremist hiding out in this country, waiting for his opportunity, throw his firearms away when more gun-control is enacted? Will the thugs in crime-infested Detroit, Chicago, or Baltimore put theirs away when the fuehrer signs the next bill? Did the shooters in Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Umpqua Community College obey the gun-free zone signs? The heartless zombies don’t give a monkey’s flying feces about the law.

The president rhetorically asked if we really believed more guns was the answer? YES! Yes, we believe bad guys with guns can be put down by good guys with guns. You know why? Because it has been proven. Over. And Over. And Over. There’s the Oklahoma mom who blew away the thugs breaking in her trailer. There’s the Loganville, Georgia mom who unloaded a whole magazine of .9-millimeter rounds into the man who sought and found her and her children hiding in the attic closet of her home. There’s also the man who shot a would-be shooter in the Oregon mall. And there are hundreds more, as recent as yesterday. If you subscribe to get notifications from The National Association for Gun Rights, you will, without fail, be notified, almost daily, about everyday people who use their firearms to protect themselves and their families. Without fail. This isn’t wishful thinking like liberal gun-control. This is tangible proof.

Every college campus shooter has taken time to reload. Why is it so hard to believe there are people brave enough to make the best of the reload time and take the shooter out? An army vet charged the killer yesterday, and he didn’t even have a firearm!  ( ) Maybe it’s because some people can’t imagine being brave. Maybe they’ve never fired a firearm and think everyone would be like them, too busy pissing themselves to make a move. But history has shown that there are common citizens with firearms who can do more than piss themselves when the times arrives. There are courageous people everywhere.

If all else fails, it is a violation of unalienable rights to be denied the right to protect yourself. At this point, critical decisions have to be made. How do we live in a day when the law does more to put you at harm than protect you?


Paul is a freelance writer from Gainesville, Georgia. For more on Paul visit

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