If it's going to be hand-to-hand combat, let's go prepared.

According to the LA Times, Obama said that “A Republican majority in Congress would mean ‘hand-to-hand combat’ on Capitol Hill for the next two years.”


I say – bring it on!  Election Day is coming right up and that gives us a great chance to send tested warriors.

I’ve gone through the list of House seats that are still in play according to RCP and have highlighted those where the candidate is a veteran, according to their webpage bio. I have listed them in order from most at risk of a Democratic win to least at risk, but ALL of these races are still close and the candidates could use your help. Each candidate’s name links to their website.

MA-4 Sean Bielat US Marine Corps

OH-6 Bill Johnson US Air Force

RI-1 John J. Loughlin US Army Reserve, RI National Guard

OK-2 Charles Thompson US Army

MN-8 Chip Cravaack US Navy

WI-3 Dan Kapanke US Marine Corps, WI National Guard

ME-2 Jason Levesque US Army

WV-3 Spike Maynard US Air Force

MS-4 Steven Palazzo US Marine Corps, MS National Guard

IA-2 Mariannette Miller-Meeks US Army

WA-9 Dick Muri US Air Force

NY-20 Chris Gibson US Army

KY-3 Todd Lally KY Air National Guard

CO-7 Ryan Frazier US Navy

NY-13 Michael Grimm US Marine Corps


NM-2 Steve Pearce US Air Force

NC-7 Ilario Pantano US Marine Corps

MI-9 Rocky Raczkowski US Army

HI-1 Charles Djou US Army

NV-3 Joe Heck US Army

IN-9 Todd Young US Marine Corps

FL-22 Allen West US Army

AZ-8 Jesse Kelly US Marine Corps

OH-15 Steve Stivers OH National Guard

MD-1 Andy Harris US Navy

AR-1 Rick Crawford US Army

NC-8 Harold Johnson US Marine Corps

IN-8 Larry Bucshon US Navy

FL-24 Sandy Adams US Air Force

IL-11 Adam Kinzinger US Air Force

WA-8 Dave Reichert US Air Force

LA-3 Jeff Landry US Army

AR-2 Tim Griffin US Army

There are some truly inspiring stories of patriotism and heroism in the biographies above. I hope that you find some new Republicans to support, I know that I have.

And, you libs who’ve gotten your panties into a bunch, I’m speaking figuratively, if Obama was.


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