It's the Math Stupid

John Kasich

During an appearance on today’s edition of  NBC’s “Meet the Press,” John “the Spoiler” Kasich once again exhibited his denial of the math that makes it impossible for him to win the 1,237 delegates required to win the Republican presidential nomination. Kasich said the calls for him to quit are “absurd”:


I mean, get out for what? If I’d have gotten out, Trump would be the nominee. He would have won Ohio. And frankly, we’ll win some districts in Wisconsin. We will move to Pennsylvania, where I’m basically in a statistical tie with Trump. And when we go to New York and everywhere else, we’re going to pick up delegates.

I mean, it’s absurd. It’s absurd.

Since Kasich is still denying the math, he should take a look at the Club for Growth’s ad, as described by the New York Times, which explains the delegate math with some schoolroom animation — using numbers, a bar graph and a chalkboard:

The ad’s message is simple is enough for even the all about himself Kasich to grasp, “It’s time to put differences aside. To stop Trump, vote for Cruz.” As the Times noted, the ad put in stark, black and white terms what Mr. Cruz and some other anti-Trump Republicans have been arguing: only Cruz can beat Trump, and that voting for Mr. Kasich hurts Mr. Cruz’s chances.

On “Meet the Press,” Kasich also said the GOP consolidation should be behind him:

You know, if you really want, let them consolidate behind me, because frankly, I’m the one that can win in the fall. And I’m the one that can get the crossover votes.


I’ll give Kasich credit for winning his home state of Ohio. That was helpful in the effort to stop Donald Trump. But after providing that service to the cause Kasich must recognize that having lost 37 of the 38 GOP presidential primary contests held so far he, like all the other Republican governors who ran for president this cycle, has been rejected by the voters. With his solid record of rejection, not to mention the math, Kasich stands no chance of winning the nomination, even in a contested convention.

Kasich needs to get out of his it’s all about me mode and suspend his campaign now, before he ensures Trump is the nominee.


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