Cruz and Trump Rush to Ohio


Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald both rush to Ohio at the last minute.  Trump has cancelled a Miami-area rally scheduled for Monday night so he can campaign in Ohio. The late schedule change is a sign that Trump is worried about losing Ohio to either Gov. John Kasich or the surging Sen. Ted Cruz and may provide some validation for the new CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker Ohio poll. All the polling indicates Trump will win Florida handily.


United Press International reports that the Trump campaign says the Ohio rally will be massive.

Chrissie Thompson reports that Cruz is attempting to make Ohio’s Republican primary a three-person race, sweeping into Columbus on Sunday night insisting he’s the only viable alternative to front-runner Donald Trump. The Ohio stop seemed sudden and was only announced mid-afternoon Saturday. It seems like a challenge to Kasich who claims he will win Ohio. Cruz told reporters  before his Ohio rally that Kasich and Rubio “have no path whatsoever to winning the Republican nomination. That takes 1,237 delegates. It is mathematically impossible for either one of them to win 1,237.” Cruz remains within 90 delegates of Trump according to the Real Clear Politics Republican delegate tracker.

  • Donald Trump – 460
  • Ted Cruz – 370
  • Marco Rubio – 163
  • John Kasich – 63

There are 367 delegates up for grabs in the six Republican  Primary contests to be held on Tuesday in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Northern Marianas and Ohio.



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