Joe 'good news for the president' Scarborough is an embarrassment even for MSNBC

Just when you think that MSNBC can’t be any more in the tank for Obama’s reelection campaign, they managed this week to run the ball even further down the field. MSNBC, and their Comcast overlords, give loads of money to the Obama campaign, their hosts are all Obama defenders — so much so that they may as well slap the Obama 2012 logo on their TV chryon and call it a day.


MSNBC was treated like a celebrity in Charlotte. Apparently hundreds of convention-goers waited in rain and in lines to see MSNBC programs, and MSNBC swag items were among the hottest things to buy. Liberals are star struck with the network, and for good reason. MSNBC has repeatedly spun the Obama line in good times and in bad — especially in bad during this campaign. This isn’t a surprise, because money talks, and according to a recent report from ABC, employees from Comcast (MSNBC’s parent company) “have contributed more money to President Obama’s reelection bid than employees from any other organization.”

It’s not just Comcast’s money that talks – their television hosts do plenty of actual talking that should make even the most liberal of viewers question just exactly what kind of spin they are hearing. In Tampa, hosts like Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews took great pains to point out so-called racist “dog-whistling” of the Republican Convention — while cutting coverage of every minority-speaker. One would think that covering at least one speech by a minority Republican would be appropriate, considering the subsequent race-baiting that MSNBC discusses and comments on. But remember, we aren’t dealing with actual journalism here. MSNBC has become the communications department for the Obama campaign.


But the latest Obama water-carrying award goes to famed Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, who’s valiant Obama-defending at the end of this week takes the cake. Upon the release of August’s depressing job numbers, virtually every commentator and pundit was willing to admit that the report was a disaster for Obama’s reelection campaign. Even the New York Times called it “a problem.” But Scarborough proudly carried the Obama flag onward. “This is good news for the President!” he stated to cheers from the audience. A quick, thirty second look at the actual report would have shown that, no, it was not at all good news, but rather indicative of an anemic recovery. But at MSNBC, journalism doesn’t come first. Defending Obama does.  Even Scarborough’s MSNBC colleague, Andrea Mitchell, said that Obama’s admission, “We know it’s not good enough” is not a great bumper sticker.

“We Know It’s Not Good Enough” Is Not A Great Bumper Sticker
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Scarborough pulled a similar move to his “this is good news for the President” the the night before, declaring Obama’s widely-panned Thursday night acceptance speech a “game, set, match” for Democrats.”


This is why Americans are growing to dislike cable news. Actual journalism and reporting takes a back-seat to the mainstream media’s — and particularly MSNBC’s — goal of getting President Obama reelected, and a say-whatever-you-need-to-say, even if it runs blatantly in the face of facts, has become the new norm for the biased cable news wing of the Democrat Party.


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