'Day One' - President Romney's first day, part two

The Romney Campaign is out with another positive video about what a Romney Presidency would be like “Day One, Part Two.”

In the “Part Two” video we are told that on his first day in office, President Romney will:

  1. Announce deficit reductions, ending the Obama era of big government and helping to secure our kids’ futures.
  2. Stand up to China on trade — demanding they play by the rules.
  3. President Romney will begin repealing job-killing regulations that are costing the economy billions.


Last week the Romney campaign released “Day One.” In that video, we learned that  President Romney would start his presidency by approving the Keystone Pipeline creating thousands of jobs, introducing tax reform to encourage job growth, and begin to replace ObamaCare.

In a written statement, the Romney campaign compares the proposed actions to be taken during the first day of a Romney presidency to more of the “same old Liberal policies” under a reelected President Obama.

More Deficits, More Government

According to the Congressional Budget Office, President Obama’s tax and spending policies will yield $6.4 trillion in deficits over the next decade — even after taking credit for reduced war costs. 

More of Inaction on China

The Associated Press reports that the Obama administration continues to decline to label China a currency manipulator even after seeing recent increases in the value of the renminbi compared with the dollar. According to the Associated Press, the decision angers manufacturing groups, which have accused China of artificially holding down the value of its currency, the renminbi, to gain trade advantages. 


More Job-Killing Regulations that Hurt the Economy

Obama has delayed until after the election decisions on regulating ozone levels and rear view cameras for cars. Rules still need to be written to carry out much of Obama’s signature first-term domestic policy initiatives, the healthcare overhaul and the Dodd-Frank law regulating the financial industry.

Approving the Keystone Pipeline, introducing tax reform to encourage job growth, replacing ObamaCare and demanding China play by trade rules would be a good start for any presidency.


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