Obama caves on tax increases

Obama accepts the new political reality and capitulates on his long campaign to sell what many call the largest tax increase in American history.

Senior Presidential Advisor David Axelrod tells the Huffington Post President Obama will accept an across-the-board continuation of Bush-era tax cuts. According to Axelrod, “We have to deal with the world as we find it.”


Yes, elections have consequences. After making  “well over 100 calls” — reaching out to every new Republican senator-elect and many of the incoming GOP House members, Obama “accepts” the political imperative, even if he doesn’t get the policy imperatives for maintaining rather than increasing the current tax rates.

This is a huge victory for the campaign waged by the TEA Party Movement and many in the GOP, including Senators-Elect Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey to stop the huge Obama tax increase. Credit is also due to the post-election campaign wage by the GOP/TEA Party Movement victors to listen to the people, put the people back in charge and realize enough is enough.

The TEA Party Movement proved to be such a powerful force even Axelrod is wondering how Obama can work with the “new breed of conservatives.”

Preventing the huge Obama tax increases is only the first step, now we must continue the fight to reduce spending and deficits and undo the Democrats’ ObamaCare government takeover of health care.


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