Matthew McConaughey Has a Message About Donald Trump

I’ll admit it, I’m a sort of Matthew McConaughey hipster. I liked him before it was cool. You know, before Mud and True Detective and his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club.


He was always a fun person to watch in light-hearted movies like Sahara and I think that’s part of the reason I liked him as an actor before Hollywood caught on to his immense talent. But I also think it is because McConaughey has a unique quality among actors. He’s very down-to-earth.

This was made obvious, for example in his Oscar acceptance speech in 2014, which contained no cause-laden grandstanding. It was just immense gratitude for his journey in life. He even thanked God — a rarity in secular liberal Hollywood.

Perhaps by this time, it shouldn’t surprise us that he has a very different attitude regarding President Donald Trump than your average star. No calls to cancel the Oscars over Trump’s executive orders. No #notmypresident. Nor even an obnoxious conservative tweet mocking liberals and supporting Trump.

Instead McConaughey in practical, humble and respectful. While appearing on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, he was asked by the host whether “it’s time maybe Hollywood or the cultural elite of America gave this guy a break.”

McConaughey responded:

“They don’t have a choice now… He’s our president. It’s very dynamic and as divisive of a time and inauguration as we’ve had, at the same time, it’s time for us to embrace. Shake hands with this fact, be constructive with him over the next four years.“


By “embrace,” McConaughey doesn’t mean total agreement, support for everything President Trump does or approval. He simply means accepting reality and being “constructive.”

“Even those who most strongly may disagree with his principles or things he’s said or done – which is another thing, we’ll see what he does compare to what he has said – no matter how much you disagreed with the way, it’s time to think how constructive can you be. Because he’s our President for the next four years, at least.”

Well said. It reminds me of U2’s Bono, who also chose to have a humble attitude regarding the election of Trump. While, yes, many celebrities enjoy looking down on the plebeians all across the fruited plains, there are some who stand out by not being loud and obnoxious, but instead being thoughtful and productive. Sadly, it’s hard to hear the few who are above the rest.


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