Top Five Quotes from the RedState Gathering

Last August we hosted our annual RedState Gathering in Atlanta, Georgia – an historic event that brought in nine 2016 GOP presidential candidates to share their vision for America. Short of attending a debate, the RedState Gathering was the only place you could hear from that many candidates in one setting.


As we prepare for the Republican National Convention in July, and the general election in November, Denver in August for RedState Gathering is the place to be.

Today we’re looking back at the top five quotes from Atlanta, and looking forward to who’s going to make headlines this year.

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1. “We brought our flag down. But that didn’t change my philosophical core. But it taught me to listen more.”
— Governor Nikki Haley, after being asked what lessons were learned after the Charleston church shooting.

2. “I think we kind of rumbled last night, what do you think?”
— Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, following a warm reception after her strong debate performance the night before.

3. “Are you looking for a meaningless showboat, or do you actually want leadership?”
— Senator Ted Cruz, during a speech criticizing his fellow Republicans for their lack of action.

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4. “They say I don’t come from privilege. I say, ‘Oh yes I do.’ I was raised by two parents who were married to each other, loved us, and raised us in a strong and stable home. That’s an extraordinary advantage.”
— Senator Marco Rubio, talking about the importance of education and family


5. “I’d have laughed if you told me we’d do an event like this with nine Presidential candidates. But here we are, and there they were.”
–Erick Erickson, on the growth and importance of the RedState Gathering

Want to hear what the leading conservatives have to say after the Convention about the future of Conservatism? Make plans to attend the RedState Gathering in Denver August 12-14th.

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