The Twitterverse Wins Again: User Suspended for Making a Pedo Flag, Elon Musk Responds

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On Tuesday, Twitter user @ZeebDemon posted the following:

Happy Alice Day, to those who celebrate!

I figured, why not use today to unveil the YAP (Youth Attracted Person) pride flag I designed almost a year ago?

I wanted to stray from the oft used horizontal bars motif, but only a little. I wanted to retain some familiarity.


“Alice Day” is a faux holiday for pedophiles, said to be on April 25. The user attached photos of their pink and blue child exploitation flag design.

Tuesday evening, Gays Against Groomers (GAG), a non-profit advocacy group of homosexual individuals against the sexualization of children, posted an alert about this flag, writing:

New pedo flag and “orientation” just dropped. Meet the “YAP” community: Youth Attracted Persons. According to them, they are oppressed, and you are a hateful, fascist bigot if you oppose them. Normalizing pedophilia was always the goal. They are the next victim class.

Included in GAG’s post was an additional tweet from the demon/groomer account, with an explanation of their perverse ideology. They wrote:

Attraction is not abuse.

Love is love.

Defy hate. Dismantle systemic oppression. Sand in solidarity against bigotry, against fascism.

But never forget that love is love, and you deserve love. Especially from yourself.

This is what pride means to me.

I’ll spare you rebuttals to any of these “love and sexual abuse are practically the same things” assertions. But, if that’s “pride,” well you won’t have to read very far into the Bible or theology to find out that hubris has long been considered the original sin and the genesis of all other vices. One doesn’t have to define “pride” for oneself, it has long held a definition throughout many ages and cultures.


For your run-of-the-mill gays and lesbians, it’s nice to have an organization representing those who fall outside the lines of the more recent extremism. Far-left ideology rooted in queer theory has co-opted both gay and lesbian identities, stolen sports and spaces from women, and tarnished the legacy of a movement of people that did want equal rights, like marriage, or to rent an apartment or receive medical care without discrimination. So, let’s appreciate the activists that put targets on themselves to be harassed and rejected by their own ‘loving’ community for drawing the line in the sand and taking a stand against the sexualization of children. Most of them don’t even have children, remember? They are doing this for the benefit of all children and to take back the imposed associations that they don’t agree or identify with. And, good for them.

Luckily, we still have heroes, and the Twitterverse won, again.

On Wednesday, news spread on the social media platform that the user who created the pedophilia flag had been suspended. Elon Musk, Twitter owner and sometimes professional internet troll, replied to Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis’ tweet celebrating the disciplinary action. Dr. Loupis  wrote:


Elon Musk suspended the person who made a pedophilia flag! Well done, Elon

Musk, responded, tweeting:

Not tolerated on this platform

GAG also posted in kind, championing this move by Twitter and highlighting other accounts that are now complaining that you can’t be an open pedophile on the platform.

The darkness of the internet knows no bounds. But, we do have small victories and sometimes unlikely heroes. Did I expect the Paypal, electric vehicle and rocket ship guy to also be at the forefront of internet culture and content moderation? Nope, wasn’t exactly on my BINGO card as I followed Musk’s endeavors over the years. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s another great day on Twitter, come join the party if you haven’t already.


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