Hey Britain, You SUCK.


No I’m not talking about Piers Morgan, although thanks for that.  I was just wondering when you turned into North Korea?  Seriously, I missed the memo.  I mean I know I get busy with the kids and all but I’m not sure how I missed this story before you did your dirty work.  That is, before you TOOK A BABY FORCIBLY FROM A MOTHER’S WOMB!  This is the reason caps locks was invented, I am sure of it.  Because YOU SHOULD BE CONDEMNED BY THE WORLD!


In case you are confused on what I am talking about, because clearly you must be confused to think this is in any way okay, let’s review the case.  A woman from Italy (NOT EVEN FROM YOUR OWN COUNTRY) comes to Britain for work.  She has a bad day, okay a very bad day.  She has an all out mental breakdown (WHICH I HAD READING THIS STORY) and calls the police.  That’s right.  She called the authorities to help her.  So being the swell blokes you are, you held her against her will in a psychiatric facility, sedated her AND STOLE HER BABY.  The doctors (THE DOCTORS) even suggested you at least allow the baby to stay with her mother in the hospital while you made arrangements to steal her, but you wouldn’t even allow her that.  WHAT?!!! I will never, ever, ever, go to your country.  God forbid I have a bad day and you ABDUCT my children.

But, lest you think I’m picking on just you – WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ITALY?  A country has kidnapped the child of one of their citizens and 15 months later Italy has done nothing?  I mean, seriously, we have our issues over here but we aren’t TAKING BABIES FROM THE WOMB AGAINST THEIR MOTHERS’ WILL.

Speaking of over here, a family friend from America has offered to care for the child while you GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, and you won’t allow it.  You insist on holding the baby captive in Britain and are offering her up for adoption in your country.


Ironically, you think you are saving a child from a woman who has mental health issues.  YOU STOLE A BABY FROM A MOTHER’S WOMB! IF ANYONE IS INSANE, BRITAIN, IT IS YOU.

I am throwing out my tea because it’s all I can think to do.  May the world condemn you for this Britain, you absolutely deserve it.

* There seems to be a bit of confusion over who I’m exactly talking to/about.  I’d like to clarify that I am strictly talking about the government in Britain, not the people.  I’m sure there are many wonderful people there, as are the British people I’ve met here.  Except for Piers Morgan.  Nobody likes Piers Morgan.


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