In the aftermath of the second town-hall style Presidential debate, Democrats pounced on a statement made by Governor Romney concerning a question about equal pay for women in the workplace.  His explanation of how his administration worked with women’s groups included recounting that the women’s groups brought them “binders full of women.”  The statement exploded immediately, with those on the left painting the Governor as out of touch with women’s issues; despite the reality that 10 of 20 top level positions in the Romney administration were filled by women.


However, as first reported by Boker tov, Boulder!, Governor Romney wasn’t the only one to receive binders focused on a particular group.  In 2009 Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn), the first Muslim ever elected to Congress who has had questionable ties to Muslim extremist groups, helped a quiet effort to get more Muslim Americans jobs in the Obama Administration.  The group attempted to keep their work out of the public eye due to increasing concerns that the president had shown a preference toward Muslim groups.  Not helping the perceived religious preference, the administration sped up the process of receiving the “book of Muslims” when they found out about Ellison and others’ project.  Unlike the coordinators, the President’s administration sought to shed light on their Muslim focused hiring practices.

While attempts to provide equal opportunities for everyone are commonplace in our country, hiring based on religious affiliation is borderline against federal law.  If a president or even a private company began hiring employees in part because of their Christian or Jewish faith, there would be nationwide outrage complete with protestors in gimmicky outfits.  As is the case with most every issue associated with the Obama administration, the mainstream media continues to turn a blind eye in their hopes to win over the affections of an obviously preferential administration.


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