Backstage at the RNC

Yesterday marked the official start of the 40th Republican National Convention and after two years of planning, the setup shows the thoughtfulness of the design. The convention welcomed us with the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the speakers and performers before they take the grand stage of the “Convention Without Walls.”


We started our tour going through the back entrance…

Then on to the rooms where speakers and performers practice before they go on stage.

After honing their skills, it’s on to makeup …

Then down the hall to the stage …

We also got a peek at the control room.

Then onto the floor, which really was so much more impressive than a picture could convey.

Each delegation has a telephone which can be used to reach a centralized delegate whip count operation overseeing all floor operations.

The U.S. national debt clock is always running in the background, keeping the focus where it should be.

Over 120,000 balloons, inflated by students from Gaither High School, wait to drop ceremoniously on Thursday evening.

Finally, the convention stage, with layered screens as the backdrop and skylights lending to the open and welcoming environment the designers strived to achieve.

Thanks to the staff for allowing RedStaters behind the scenes!


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