On This 4th of July, Remember That We're Not a Democracy

AP Photo/Terry Spencer

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. 

Democrats took that to mean you should label the country what you want it to be, not what it is, and it's one of those things that drives me more and more crazy the more I hear it. 

You'll often hear Democrats refer to America's system as "our democracy." The issue with that is that we aren't a democracy. We have never been a democracy.

America is a constitutional republic. Our system is one where we send our own to temporarily govern within the boundaries of a document filled with pre-established rules. It is not a system where the mob rules. Ours is an orderly system of checks and balances, a democracy is one where the actions and rules are made up on the spot by a fickle mob. 

Even the people who say they want to live in a democracy don't want to live in a democracy. It's all fun and games until the mob doesn't want what you want, then you could find yourself in a dangerous position. 

Yet, the Democrats continue to tell us we are a democracy, despite most of them knowing full well we aren't one. Take former president Barack Obama, for instance, who sent this post out on X. 

The Fourth of July is about celebrating the big, bold, inclusive experiment that is our American democracy. And it has always been an experiment. Our democracy has never been guaranteed, which means we can’t take it for granted. We need to keep fighting for it, keep improving it, and keep making sure it reflects the better angels of our nature instead of the worst. That, more than anything, is what America is all about.

Little of this is true. 

The Fourth of July is about resisting tyrannical rule and embracing America's most favored qualities; freedom and independence. Moreover, we're not a democracy. What we fought for wasn't the ability to have mob rule. We're not fighting for or improving democracy — that's part of what we're trying to fight against, in fact. 

Why do Democrats keep saying this nonsense? 

For a few reasons. Firstly, "democracy" is a great bumper-sticker word that makes it sound like America is more akin to the Democrat Party than the Republican Party. Saying "our republic" makes America sound too closely associated with the Republican Party, and that would make it sound like Republicans have home field advantage. Especially on days like today, American nature needs to be disassociated with the Republicans in the eyes of Democrats.

Secondly, and more importantly, making it sound like America is a democracy gives off the impression that we've drifted away from what we actually are. It makes it sound like Republicans have pulled us from our nature as Americans. It makes the Democrats look like they're trying to preserve something great, and trying to save something the enemies of the Democrats keep trying to take away. 

As per the usual, the opposite is true. Democrats are trying to distance America from its very nature because it's far easier to rule people when the rules set forth by the aforementioned document can be ignored. The funny part about Democrats supposedly loving democracy is that they don't love democracy at all, they love power. If you own the means of information dissemination, as the left largely does with corporate media outlets and big tech being information gateways, controlling the mob becomes more or less easy to do. 

For reference, see every dictatorship throughout history. 

So whenever you hear someone say "our democracy" in reference to America, politely correct them. Most people have been hearing that word from the left for so long that they have no idea that we're actually a form of government that keeps democracy, a dangerous and chaotic form of government, in the hills. 


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