Pro-Abortionist Violence Isn't Uncommon

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Earlier today, Bonchie posted an article that detailed a woman attempting to physically assault a man in front of her daughter after a short argument with him about abortion being murder. 

I'd like to tell you that this was just a crazy person being driven to do what crazy people do whenever they opposed in any way, but this is a common and consistent pattern with pro-abortion people. Violence, screaming, assault, and theft are almost part and parcel of the pro-abortion crowd. 

(WATCH: Deranged Pro-Abortion Feminist Assaults Pro-Lifer, Quickly Regrets Her Decision)

If you missed the video, you can watch it below. The rather small woman attempts to start assaulting the man but is quickly brought down to the ground as her scared daughter begins crying. Your heart can't help but break for the daughter whose mother clearly has issues.

But there are others. In 2019, a woman at the University of North Carolina also assaulted a group of pro-life men and was arrested with a misdemeanor charge. 

In 2018, a pro-abortion woman assaulted a pro-life woman at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

A man named Jordan Hunt roundhouse kicked a woman he was having a discussing about abortion with seemingly out of nowhere. Assaulting pro-lifers is a pattern he had until he was convicted.

Then there's the stealing problem they have. When Walmart was seen donating to pro-life sources back in 2019, pro-abortion advocates decided that stealing from Walmart was okay and kicked off something of a promotional trend for the action on Twitter. 

That same year, a pro-abortion woman from the University of North Carolina was arrested after she snatched a sign from a pro-life group. Watching this one cry as she tries to wiggle her way out of the arrest is particularly fun. 

Why are pro-abortionists so violent, or at the very least, so willing to do some kind of harm so that babies can continue to be murdered in the womb? 

It's not one particular thing, but rather a host of things that cause a mind to truly believe it needs to become aggressive. 

The way the left has framed abortion is nothing short of genius. They managed to convince many people that abortion is tied to women's autonomy. If they can't have abortion then they're just one step away from being the main character in an episode of "The Handmaid's Tale." They might be dressing up in those outfits at protests as cosplay, but they're serious in the point they're making. They truly believe that's where things are headed without abortion, which is the ultimate practice of autonomy in their minds. 

Abortion becomes a part of their very identity as a woman.

How this squares with some leftists supporting radical Islamic groups that believe women are property and brood mares isn't something anyone's been able to get a decent answer about, but cognitive dissonance is part and parcel of pro-abortion support so it's not fully out of character. 

Combine that with the assault from corporate and mainstream media sources about the importance, innocence, and harmlessness from a very young age, and you have a bunch of people (males included) who believe that abortion is a moral good that needs to be defended at all costs and that people who try to take away the ability to have an abortion are mustache twisting villains who hate women and want to see them chained up in the kitchen, pregnant and barefoot. Any threat to abortion triggers a very real emotional response that drives them to blind action, usually violence. 

But to them, they don't see this violence as evil. In their minds, they believe this is self-defense. 

You could almost pity them as brainwashed and ignorant people who just don't know any better. 

But they're wrong. Very wrong. Abortion is not some harmless procedure on a clump of cells. It's the murder of a child. It's not the practice of autonomy, but the the grandest example of selfish behavior. It's the ultimate betrayal. Abortion is an atrocity at worst and a tragedy at best. There is nothing positive about it. 

If anything, the view of abortion by so many people should truly show you the power of the culture. The left took it and made the murder of children something that too many people believe they should defend at all costs. Even to the point of violence. 


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