Pro-Abortion Advocates Plan to Get Back at Walmart for Pro-Life Donations by Stealing

A call to steal things from Walmart after it was discovered to have donated to pro-life causes has gone viral on the internet, and is now being circulated without obstruction on Twitter.


According to Summit News, Walmart had donated $7,000 to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and $10,000 to Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof, both who had supported Ohio’s abortion restriction bill.

Abortion supporters on Twitter decided that the best way to teach Walmart a lesson wasn’t to simply not shop there but to steal products from them.

Both tweets are widely liked and retweeted, with the first tweet currently sitting at 323,000 likes at the time of this writing. Even the responses are rife with agreement, even from employees who admit they’re already stealing.


In actuality, stealing from Walmart does hurt the lower level employees who receive bonuses that are cut due to what’s known as shrink. The bonuses for employees are tied directly to their respective store’s theft level, and Walmart tends to suffer $3 billion a year from the loss.

This means that the pro-abortion crowd punishing Walmart for supporting pro-life proponents isn’t just suffering by itself, the low-level employees who are innocent are getting punished as well.

Another point to bring up, however, is that Twitter has taken action against things such as the “#LearnToCode” hashtag, or even just stating obvious things such as Islam’s unprecedented ability to churn out radicals. However, the promotion and celebration of blatant theft from a corporation supporting pro-life causes seems to be completely okay with Twitter.

As of this writing, the social media company has taken no actions against anyone promoting the idea that stealing in the name of abortion is okay.

Go figure.


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