WATCH: Deranged Pro-Abortion Feminist Assaults Pro-Lifer, Quickly Regrets Her Decision

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The far left is continuing to become more violent, and that was put on display recently in Portland after a pro-abortion fanatic assaulted a pro-life activist on the street.


The pro-lifer can be seen in the video wearing a sign that says "abortion is murder." An angry woman confronts him and begins ranting about how she moved to Portland to have an abortion. This is all happening while her daughter is standing right next to her. She then claims that a miscarriage is a "medical abortion." 

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LEFT-WINGER: I moved to Oregon for an abortion. Are you cool with that? (Gives sarcastic thumbs up)

PRO-LIFER: No, that's very sad. 

(video cut)

PRO-LIFER: What percentage is it of those women?

LEFT-WINGER: What do you mean what ******* percentage? All of them. That's the only way they can get abortions, is by coming here. 

PRO-LIFER: Every woman that's getting an abortion is due to medical procedures?

LEFT-WINGER: Now, most abortions are.

PRO-LIFER: No, they're not.

LEFT-WINGER: My abortion was of a dead embryo. That's most abortions.

PRO-LIFER: Okay, I'm sorry to hear that.

LEFT-WINGER: That's most abortions. 

PRO-LIFER: That's not most abortions.

LEFT-WINGER: Yes, it is, because have you looked at the statistics? Most abortions are clean-ups after miscarriages, and women can't even get those. No, you're a ******* moron because miscarriages are extremely common and most women opt to have...

PRO-LIFER: Miscarriages and abortions are different. What is an abortion? 

LEFT-WINGER: No, a miscarriage is a medical abortion.


He responds by saying, "No, it's not. Let me educate you."

That was enough to set her off.

In the video, she rushes the pro-life activist in an attempt to grab his microphone. She takes a swing at him after he goes into a defensive posture, sending her drink flying everywhere. The pro-abortion fanatic is then wrestled to the ground where she finally relents. 

What kind of moral degenerate acts like, much less in front of their child? A miscarriage is not an "abortion" because there is nothing to abort when a baby has already passed away of natural causes. Whatever similarities the extraction procedure has is irrelevant. It's like arguing that burning people alive is fine because the cremation of dead bodies exists. 

Also of note is how these pro-abortion fanatics rarely want to own their position. Falsely claiming that miscarriages and abortions are the same is a calculated deflection. It's meant to take the spotlight off of what an actual abortion is because even this woman knows how evil it is, even if she's loathe to admit it. 


The woman is also lying about access to the medical procedure she describes. There is not a single state in the union that outlaws real doctors at real medical facilities from removing a baby's body after a miscarriage. If people in Oregon believe that, I'd suggest they get better sources.

Unfortunately, intellectual heft isn't common in the Beaver State these days. This is allegedly the crazy lady's sister. Can you spot the resemblance?

It's a good thing the pro-life activist had someone filming because had this been his word against the woman who attacked him, he may have ended up charged. I wouldn't put it past anyone of that pedigree to lie to the police about what happened. 


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