Detransitioner Chloe Cole Takes Part in Incredible Photoshoot That Has the Angry Left Making Threats

Chloe Cole is arguably one of the most famous voices for those who were misled by society to become "transgender" but later became disillusioned and detransitioned to their natural sex. Cole gave an impassioned speech to Congress about the subject that moved many to tears, and since then she's become a hope for some and an enemy for others. 


There have been attempts to censor Cole and silence her story, but this hasn't stopped her. In fact, it's safe to say that she's only getting louder. 

Working with students, including graphic designer Maggie Butera from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia, Cole took part in a photoshoot titled "The Duality of Woman," which put Cole in three different outfits to capture the "masculine" and the "feminine" sides of women, with a third shoot involving an outfit made of newspaper clippings featuring stories of detransitioners like Cole. 

Pictures from the photoshoot have been featured on Butera's Instagram page where you can view them yourself. 

"You do not have to like the truth & it can even hurt to hear, but that does not change the truth," Butera wrote in the post. 

Butera made it clear in the post that the point of this wasn't to "spread hate or judgment but to engage in open and respectful dialogue about issues that are often ignored or shut down because they do not fit in line with the talking points of mainstream media."

Of course, such an artistic look at the detransition issue has attracted some very serious hate. Threats and disgusting messages have been received, some of which have been handed to RedState. 


Butera has already come back against these posts she's been receiving, telling the world she won't be bullied and that Cole's story will be told:

Chloe Coles story will not be swept under the rug. We will not cower to the death threats, cyber bullying, and disregard for civil conversation. We will not cower to the student body’s threat to get us kicked out of our university. A university should be a place where we can have civil discourse, learn, and hear new ideas and perspectives that challenge our own. Just because someone’s beliefs are different than yours does not make it hate speech or transphobia. I would like to acknowledge the fact that the people who preach “everyone is welcome here” and “hate has no home here” are the exact people who have told me to kill myself, die in a car crash, get put “in a saw trap so painful & inescapable that its not even worth trying to save yourself” or wish that I form a rash and “the fine little layers of your skin start to peel with such vigor that no skin graft will ever truly heal the scars left over.” To those people commenting on these things: I love you, I’m happy you are here, and I would love to engage in civil discourse on these matters. Yes, I continue to acknowledge biological reality: men have XY chromosomes and women have XX chromosomes. Men cannot be women. Women cannot be men. Children cannot consent to cross-sex hormones or procedures cutting off their private parts. Acknowledging these things is not hate, it is seeking the truth and what is good and right in the world. I do not hate lgbtq+ people and I can assure you no one on this project does.


Regardless of the waves of negative backlash coming at Cole and Butera over this photo shoot, the girls of SCAD who put this together seem to have no ill will toward anyone, including those who consider themselves transgender. 

The goal to capture stories that aren't being told in the mainstream can only add to the knowledge society has around the issue of transgenderism, not detract from it, as it adds yet another layer to the entire spectrum of stories. 


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