The Global Authorities Just Described Your Free Speech as a 'Weapon' You Need to Be Stripped Of

Yoan Valat/Pool Photo via AP

You expect to see some zany stuff from global leaders, like the idea that they somehow are so much better than you that they can tell you how to live your life and what to think. 

And I mean "what to think" very literally. 

There's no better way to make the populace think a certain way than controlling what the people can say, and that's exactly what was said at the UN General Assembly by former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 

Before we dive into this speech, it's important to keep in mind that Ardern resigned thanks to a plummeting popularity thanks to an authoritarian bent that sent her economy in the dumps and cost of living in the sky. She resigned, citing "burnout," but the truth is that nobody liked her, and a good chunk of the New Zealand population wanted her out. 

Despite the fact that she was effectively pressured out of office, her authoritarianism was celebrated by leftists and fellow global leaders. In fact, Ardern isn't afraid to express the idea that in order to make a better world, free speech has to go. 

So the UN had her say it in front of their General Assembly. 

Ardern is a consummate radical leftist politician. Despite the fact that she's advocating for the seizure and elimination of the first and foremost among our God-given rights, she couches it in the same terms the American radical left does: stopping the spread of misinformation and hate speech. 

But more interestingly, she refers to free speech as a "weapon of war." 

Listen for yourself. 

If you strip away the expensive outfit, the podium, and the grandeur world leaders surround themselves with and replace Ardern with a San Francisco hippie in a park or a teenager who thinks she knows it all in an Instagram comments section, then this kind of talk would be right at home. 

As it is, this is more like the ramblings of an insane person. Ardern is saying that in order to achieve true freedom, freedom has to be stripped away. Sadly, this is a sentiment that many global leaders seem to share. 

Here's the thing to consider: Ardern referenced your right to speak freely as a "weapon of war." 

She's not wrong. Your free speech can be devastating. It can make a no-name man in Virginia into the voice of the people overnight. It can cause narratives that were created with billions of dollars invested into it to collapse in the span of a couple of days. It can change the mind of a singular individual and inspire them to change the world. 

Free speech is a far more powerful tool than we give it credit for, and it is necessary for a free and better world. 

You will find that authoritarians will often target free speech first before anything else because free speech has the potential to collapse empires. Our firearms don't even come close to the devastating impact of someone speaking the truth to those who would only sell you lies. 

But Ardern's words get even more interesting when you consider that she referred to them as weapons of war that must be taken out of your hands. She's effectively telling you two things. 

Firstly, she's acknowledging that free speech is dangerous, but she would only see free speech as dangerous if that speech was threatening an agenda that targets you. She and the authoritarians who sign on to her way of thinking see your ability to express yourself without guidelines or boundaries as a problem that needs to be dealt with. 

Secondly, Ardern's speech is effectively an admission that she's not on your side, and that also means that the people who agree with her aren't either. By saying that you need to be stripped of your ability to speak freely, she's saying that you are a threat to the plans of the authoritarian regimes and globalists who want to control you. If your "weapons" were working for them, then they'd be cool with you saying whatever you wanted, but you are presenting yourself as a problem. 

You want to be free, you want to speak the truth, and they want neither of those things. At least not for you. 

They are not on your side, and they want to strip you of your power. 

You often hear that people will tell you who they are if you just listen. I believe the UN, who invited an authoritarian no longer in power to speak, just told you. 


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