Shots Have Been Fired Between Studios and Streamers as Gender Politics Hits Video Games

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On Monday, I reported on YouTuber Az of "HeelvsBabyface" going on an epic and highly relatable rant about the state of the entertainment industry and the infection of woke culture into every aspect of it. Be it movies, television, or even video games, it would appear that the push for radical leftism can't be escaped. 


Az's rant began when he ran into a screen in the new Bethesda RPG game "Starfield" that asked him for his pronouns. It's a rant you should definitely watch. 

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It would appear that there's more controversy circulating around "Starfield" than Az's rant. Apparently, well-known video game streamer Guy Beahm, better known as Dr. Disrespect, also seems caught up in the fight. 

In a recently released clip, Beahm, in his Dr. Disrespect character, is seen looking into the head of publishing for Bethesda, Pete Hines, on X, and after reading the bio in his profile, Doc noticed Hines listed his pronouns as "he/him."

"He/him, got it," Doc says to himself. "Now everything's starting to make sense." 

Doc proceeded to tell his chat about how his team reached out to Bethesda to possibly team up and help hype the game, giving Doc solid views for streaming the game before release and giving Bethesda more advertising for its game. According to Doc, Bethesda got back to his team and said they wouldn't be working with Dr. Disrespect because of "past controversies." 


What were these "past controversies?" 

In June, Beahm found himself siding with fellow streamer Nickmercs over the battle between leftist activists and parents. Parents and activists clashed at a school in Glendale, California, forcing police to intervene as things became violent. As Nickmercs watched a video from the scene, he said that these LGBT activists should leave the kids alone. 

This caused Call of Duty, who partnered with Nickmercs, to remove the streamer's likeness from their game along with a denunciation of the streamer's opinion that these activists should just leave children alone. 

Beahm publicly sided with Nickmercs, even deleting Call of Duty: Warzone from his library and swearing off playing it again. This had a domino of effect, with many streamers and players doing the same. 

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It would appear that Bethesda is siding with the LGBT activists, refusing to work with Dr. Disrespect over his position of leaving kids alone and not forcing gender identity politics on them. Beahm believes children and the wishes of parents should be respected, but it would appear that Bethesda disagrees, at least to the point of thinking Dr. Disrespect is too controversial a brand. 


While this controversy likely won't stop Bethesda's "Starfield" from being a top-selling video game as it's been highly anticipated, this won't reflect well on Bethesda and will likely drive some customers away. 

One thing is for sure: If this heats up any more than it has, then this will harm Bethesda in the long run, but it will only increase the popularity of streamers like Dr. Disrespect. 



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