Journalism for Me, but Not for Thee: Libs of TikTok Has Leftist Outlets Fuming

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The unofficial motto of the Democrat Party, or indeed the entire leftist machine is "It's okay when we do it." 

For instance, Taylor Lorenz doxing Chaya Raichik of "Libs of TikTok" fame and her family is okay and "justified" as one NBC News article noted. However, if Libs of TikTok reports on the nefarious activities happening at a California elementary school, then that's an issue because it could lead to real harm. 

As reported by Libs of TikTok on X, the Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, California, decided it was going to have a "playdate social" for students but with a twist. The students would meet in groups segregated by race. So if you were black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, etc., then you would meet with other students who also shared your same racial background. 

White students, however, would not be getting their own group meetings. The school did not allow white students to come together. 

The event is being put on by the school's Equity & Inclusion Committee, which appears to be doing the opposite of its namesake by excluding white kids.

As originally covered by Twitchy, this little gathering might be illegal on top of being incredibly racist: 

For the record, folks, this might actually be unconstitutional. The only question is if it is state action (which is required under the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause). This ‘Equity and Inclusion Committee’ appears to be part of the PTA, and the PTA appears to be functionally part of the school. While their website is down (probably because of this controversy), this public school puts the entire PTA on its website, and a cached version of their website tells us that this PTA is vital to the basic functionality of the school.

As Libs of TikTok does more or less every day, it highlighted a piece of insanity in our world by giving a platform to the insane who are already willingly putting their insanity out there. In terms of reporting, it's some of the most basic there is. These people want to be seen virtue signaling, exposing their radical beliefs, and pushing their agendas...and Libs of TikTok oblige. 

But this reporting done by Libs of TikTok reportedly resulted in a bomb threat being sent to Chabot Elementary. According to the Daily Beast, a leftist rag if ever there was one, the exposure of Chabot Elementary's racist and possibly illegal event was wrong for Libs of TikTok to do because it resulted in the school being sent a nasty email containing a threat: 

A California elementary school was evacuated Tuesday morning after receiving a bomb threat with “racial undertones,” according to police. The threat, which was emailed to the principal Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, came a day after notorious right-wing account Libs Of TikTok tweeted about the school holding a playdate for children of color.

The threat was received at 7.30 a.m., Captain Lisa Ausmus of the Oakland Police Department said, according to local outlet the Oaklandside. About 30 children were at school at the time, Cpt. Ausmus said, all of whom were evacuated. Other parents and children were turned away by police while the school was searched. By 12.40pm, the school had been cleared by police.

The bomb threat came only a day after a tweet by Libs Of TikTok, a controversial X (formerly known as Twitter) account run by far-right activist Chaya Raichik, about a playdate for “Black, Brown or API” students and family organized by the school’s equity and inclusion committee.

The Daily Beast includes a statement from Chabot's Equity & Inclusion Committee stating that a flood of calls from "Trump supporters and unhinged racists" have been coming in, and the school's information is being posted all over the internet. 

The Beast added that Oakland Police and the FBI are now involved and that investigations are now being conducted at individual homes where bomb threats were received. 

Did Raichik and Libs of TikTok do anything wrong or illegal? No. The school's address is public knowledge and the event the racists at the school were putting on deserved to be highlighted and reported on. 

As Twitchy reported, even the Supreme Court ruled in Near v. Minnesota, 283 U.S. 697 (1931) that highlighting something someone did that was wrong does not put the highlighter at fault if anything happens to them. Free speech includes reporting, and that's what Libs of TikTok did. 

The left should understand this, as they typically love this aspect of freedom of speech because it allows them to utilize cancel culture and keep people quiet and afraid to do much of anything for fear of backlash. 

If they love to do it themselves, then what is the left actually mad about? 

The funny thing about the left is that they want their ideology to become the dominant one in our society, but in order for that to happen they have to push the ideas subversively. Their insane racism comes in many different forms but they dress it up in noble ideas of "equality" and "inclusion." When it's exposed and called out for what it is, they lose their power to control the narrative around things and they're exposed for what they are. 

It's not a good look, and their usual response to this is to paint themselves as a victim to distract people and take the heat off themselves. You see it all the time from the left

Did Chabot Elementary get bomb threats? Possibly. The internet is a big place with a lot of anonymous people saying some pretty rotten things all the time, but claims of threats fit the pattern of a leftist who was exposed for doing something awful. It not only allows the person doing wrong to make it about their own victimhood but it allows leftist press outlets to create help that along with narrative driving. 

Today, Chabot Elementary is a victim despite their clear racism according to the Daily Beast. They'll denounce Libs of TikTok as an evil group of people for daring to post the story about the school's racism, directing people to express their outrage and anger with some highlighting public information about the school. 

Tomorrow leftist outlets will be going after citizens they don't like like Kyle Rittenhouse and Nick Sandman.

Because it's okay when they do it. 

Here's the bottom line: Ignore the outrage. Expose and report. Shine a light on evil. Make them afraid they'll be found out. 


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