Vivek Ramaswamy Does What Every Republican Should Be Doing, Makes BlackRock a Campaign Issue

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Vivek Ramaswamy's stock just went up a few points. 

Back in June, Texas Senator Ted Cruz began creating legislation that sweeps the legs out from woke financial giants like BlackRock. The bill he suggested would prohibit “companies that manage investment funds held in federal employee retirement accounts from using those holdings to vote in corporate shareholder meetings to force” ESG and DEI upon private businesses.


It was a bill that was doomed to fail as many politicians, especially the Bidens, have such a close relationship with the investment firm, but Cruz's shot across their bow set the standard attitude for Republicans running in 2024 toward firms like BlackRock and Vanguard. 

This attitude became a simple test. If weakening BlackRock's hold on America wasn't part of a Republican's platform, then they weren't to be trusted. 

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Before he became a 2024 Republican candidate, Ramaswamy put a lot of focus on woke capitalism, which can be summed up as firms utilizing their hold on corporations to push agendas on them that look a lot like a modern authoritarian's wishlist. These agenda items look like they could have been written by Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama. He even wrote a New York Times bestseller about it called "Woke Inc.," which you should read even if you aren't a fan of Ramaswamy. 

During a Q&A, Ramaswamy was asked about these organizations and how he would deal with them, and Ramaswamy answered the question quite well. 

He boiled it down to what he called a "1776 question." 

"The basic premise is that we, the people, cannot be trusted to solve existential questions like climate change," said Ramaswamy. "That we get it wrong. That we burn a planet entering an ice age  — which is what they said during Richard Nixon."


"We the people can't be trusted with those questions, so business leaders and government leaders, and three-letter acronym institutions have to work together, dissolving the boundaries between the public and private sector, dissolving the boundaries between nations to work together towards the global common good." 

Ramaswamy recalls the war of 1776 as being proof that we weren't going to be controlled by forces outside the jurisdiction of the people of the United States. He pressed that the American people had that attitude that "for better or worse" the people could trust each other to get passed their differences to solve issues on equal footing, and that each person's voice and vote counts the same as the others. 

Ramaswamy continued by comparing these globalist powers to that old European attitude that the people, distrusted by the government, should have no say in what their future should be. 

"That's what's at stake, is our sovereignty itself," said Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy continued by also posing the question to the American people on what it is inside too many of them that makes them want to bend their knees to this old monarchical vision. He recalled the story of the Israelites lost in the desert after being freed from bondage wishing to go back to their chains under the Pharoh after not finding the promised land for so long. 


"Their trick only works if we, ourselves, are willing to bend the knee," said Ramaswamy. 

He finished by stating that in order to truly stop this globalist takeover, we have to believe that the United States still means something and that our sovereignty is absolute. 

In the post on X featuring the video, Ramaswamy denounces firms like BlackRock and Vanguard, and makes a campaign promise. 

"As President I will cut off the real hand that guides the ESG movement - not the invisible hand of the free market, but the invisible fist of government itself," he posted. 

These institutions truly are one of the biggest threats to America at this moment. In fact, a lot of American issues can be traced back to BlackRock, which is in the business of forcing behaviors on not only its own workers but on the corporations it owns majority stock in. 


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It's pretty clear that these firms have made themselves an enemy of U.S. sovereignty, and that it needs to be addressed and dealt with without fail. This attitude that Ramaswamy has should be the standard attitude of any Republican, not just the ones running for President. 


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