Jason Aldean's New Anti-BLM Song Hits No. 1, Highlights America's Building Spite for the Left

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Jason Aldean’s newest anti-BLM song “Try That In a Small Town” might be a day late but it’s not a dollar short, and the fact that it achieved the top spot on iTunes despite attempts to cancel it should be a massive wake-up call to corporate America.

Black Lives Matter might have quietly faded into the background after the 2020 election but the memory of it was still fresh in the minds of Americans, specifically those in neighborhoods where these riots reduced some of their small businesses and shops to rubble, or at the very least, closed them down for good.

To be sure, some of the most heinous acts of ideological radicalism were committed in the name of BLM, including the murder of innocent lives, the destruction of innocent businesses, and a massive increase in crime and violent assaults that should have been inexcusable by every person or party in America but were encouraged by Democrats and even some corporations.

As reported by Bog Hoge on Tuesday, Aldean released his song three years later, commenting on the destruction and violence that BLM brought about with the warning “Try that in a small town.” It’s a sentiment that was shared by Americans during the BLM riots. I even wrote an open letter to Antifa to that effect after they threatened to bring their destruction to the suburbs.

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You might be thinking that Aldean’s timing was off with the release of this song, but I’m now convinced that Aldean is probably a smarter businessman than many anticipated. As Hoge noted, the reception to the music video by the left was predictably apoplectic. Leftist outlets breathlessly reported that Aldean’s racist song encouraged violence. Country Music Television (CMT) even went so far as to toss it off their network for being too violent.

I’m willing to bet that this is exactly what Aldean was hoping for. He released a tweet from his account detailing the response the video got, highlighting the left’s typical accusations and labels directed at him and the music video. The censorship attempt by CMT was the icing on this cake, and like clockwork Aldean’s song shot up to the number-one spot on iTunes.

I have a feeling it won’t stop there, either.

Aldean’s music video triggered the left’s cancel-culture mentality, but Aldean has likely been paying attention to the culture war and has seen the multiple occasions where the left triggered a powerful response from Americans, and it’s a response I’ve commented on before; the coveted spite response.

Americans have proven more and more than they’ve had it with the radical left’s attempts at taking down the good guys and have gone out and shown support to those who have stood against the radical left. They did it for Chick-fil-A, Goya Foods, Hogwarts Legacy, and more recently Sound of Freedom, going gangbusters in theaters in its third week.

It’s likely that Aldean knew what he was doing with this song about a leftist politically-driven event that happened three years ago. He knew the left wouldn’t be able to help themselves by flipping out and attempting censorship of the song, and he knew America would show up to rub the song in their faces and make sure it was supported with both awareness and financial support.

As I’ve said before, spite is a very powerful motivator, but the more important lesson to be learned here is that the left should understand that this is just more proof that they’re overwhelmingly outnumbered and America isn’t on their side. The Democrats like to claim they’re the party of the majority and that their socio-political ideas are what the people want, but it’s pretty clear that the silent majority isn’t on their side. They’re continuously slapped down and their would-be victims are lifted up.

Aldean figured out what many white-collar degree holders haven’t learned yet; Americans aren’t moving left no matter where they put the mainstream Overton Window. In fact, they’re drifting right with every attempt to destroy and silence.

Jason Aldean might be a smarter businessman than most modern corporate CEOs



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