A Warning to Social Tyrants: Beware the Powerfully Motivating Force That Is Spite

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Loyal readers will have seen my monitoring and penned thoughts about the upcoming video game titled “Hogwart’s Legacy” and why I find the controversy around this game both incredibly interesting and important.

For those out of the loop, the video game takes place in the world of Harry Potter and gives players the opportunity to live out their fantasies of being a student at the legendary school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts. For millennials, who grew up on Harry Potter, this is an incredibly enticing prospect.

But, like they always do, the social justice community is proclaiming this game a no-go zone. It’s evil and bigoted, and anyone who plays it is all those characteristics and more. Why? Because the game takes place in the world created by author J.K. Rowling, the transgender community’s most hated person. Rowling committed the crime of not agreeing with the transgender activists’ demands that she recognize men as women when they claim to be, and works to fight back against the real-world consequences of women being pushed out of spaces, jobs, and more for not capitulating to the social justice mobs.

This has made “Hogwarts Legacy” something of a front in the culture war with transgender activists and allies doing everything they can to make the game fail. They’ve badmouthed it, attempted to give it what they consider “bad” tags on its Steam page, and worked to make those who do want to play it feel guilty through derision and insults.

The results of this campaign haven’t been a good sign for these social tyrants. The game continues to sell out of its collector’s editions and is the top-selling game on Steam without it even being out yet.

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Having watched this battle over the game play out for some time, I can tell you that there are three camps. The first is the social tyrants of the radical left who are wanting the game to crash and burn simply over Rowling’s stances. The second is the crowd who isn’t really interested in the war at all, and while they may not have any harmful intent, they’ll play the game anyway because they want to have fun.

Then there’s the third.

Go through the responses to this tweet from a Twitch streamer named Will Overgard. Overgard pleads with people not to purchase the game because of the “transphobia” attached to it. Scroll through the comments and the quote replies and you will see a pattern emerge.

If you missed it, many if not most of Overgard’s detractors declared that this game will be bought and played purely out of spite for him and people like him. You can view the comments on my articles about Hogwarts Legacy and see some of these people do this as well.

Hogwarts Legacy will be a breakout success and it’s thanks, in large part, to pure spite.

We’ve seen this time and again when social dictators attempt to force people into punishing something they don’t like along with them. It happened when the hard left tried to cancel Chick-fil-A. It happened when they tried to cancel Goya foods. You see it anytime a Democrat in power so much as glances at gun laws. Now it’s happening with Hogwarts Legacy, and unlike the previous three, the game actually did nothing to incite anger from the hard left itself.

Spite is a powerful motivator and it’s the fuel through which a social phenomenon occurs where people go out and buy something just to stick it to the people who are trying to control what everyone says, thinks, and does. This is more popularly known as the “buycott,” the polar opposite of the boycott.

But social justice activists and their allies shouldn’t just take this as a lost battle. They need to take it for what it really is; a message.

These social justice-obsessed, woke-culture-obedient, reality-denying people need to understand that while they may be loud, they’re far from the majority. They are a tiny minority with a very large stage who have fooled themselves into thinking they’re more powerful than they actually are. When the majority decides to move, there’s little to nothing this tiny group of obnoxiously noisy people can do but gnash their teeth and rend their own clothing. They are powerless.

And I’m always glad to see them reminded of this from time to time, whether it be chicken sandwiches, beans, or a digital defense against the dark arts lesson. This crowd needs these reminders in order to keep their already overlarge egos and hubris-infected minds in check.

“Hogwarts Legacy” comes out on February 10. If you’d like to pre-order the game or buy it for someone you love, you can do so here.


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