The 'Sound of Freedom' Shows the Culture Is Slipping Through the Media's Fingers

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I’ve always said that the idea that we have to fight the media was wrong. Fighting the media implies that it’s something that is an entirely separate entity from America and that its status as one of the greatest wrongdoers in the western hemisphere is an inescapable fact of life that can never change. I don’t agree with that.

It’s always been my contention that we shouldn’t fight the media, per se, but rather we should become the media. Sure, we should resist the narratives and lies that are coming from that cesspool of self-important, ignorant, and at times outright evil people, but “the media” isn’t theirs. The media is something that was stolen from us and it’s ours to take back.

The reason we want to is pretty self-evident. Through the big stages of news, movies, television, and more, the radicals have been able to influence and guide the greater culture into dark, horrific places. It influenced elections, destroyed lives, and caused people to make unhealthy personal decisions based on misinformation and fear. Retaking the media isn’t just important, it’s a priority.

Thanks to the internet, the long slog of regaining ground that we’d lost has begun paying off in big ways. The news is no longer something you had to flip on your television to catch. You can now log on to your site of choice and get updates from a source you know to be trustworthy instead of getting fed slop by some agenda-driven jackass that barely contains his contempt for you. Independent creators that actually care about the work they create display their work at the touch of a button. Moreover, things that would have never seen the light of day in a leftist-controlled environment are now seeing victory over major corporations with budgets ranging in the millions and millions.

It’s the dawning of a new era and there’s a movie out that proves it.

Sound of Freedom is a film that few saw coming and that’s because the corporate media wasn’t too keen on allowing it to see the light of day. As I wrote previously on the film, Disney acquired the rights to the film after it merged with Fox and then kept the film locked away in the shadows until it was acquired by Angel. Fast forward to today and the film is approaching earnings of $40 million, outperforming Disney’s sad attempt at praying on your nostalgia with its horrible Indiana Jones reboot.

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The film’s lead actor, Jim Caviezel, has recently thanked America for putting the film up to the heights it reached. During this appreciation post, he mentioned the censorship the media attempted to force on the film.

“So, I’m sitting here thinking about all you amazing Americans that are fighting the battle and helping us in this war against the greatest evil that has ever been,” said Caviezel. “Because you know that God’s children are not for sale.”

“I want to thank you all for helping us reach two million tickets and thanks for not letting the media silence us,” he added. “Your voices were heard. I love you.”

The media has tried, in various ways, to make Sound of Freedom untouchable including calling it “Q-Anon adjacent.” Probably more egregiously, when they aren’t attempting to scare people away from the film by making it seem like it’s a far-right op, they’re ignoring it completely.

If you truly want to know what the radical left and its mainstream media fear, pay attention to the negative space in its narratives. To be sure, you’ll find Sound of Freedom in that negative space. Its silence on the film is deafening, and people are beginning to rightfully wonder why the corporate media is so dead set on making a film about the realities of sex trafficking disappear.

To be sure, 20 or so years ago, that very well might have succeeded. The film would have been promoted through Christian channels but the general public would not have known this film existed or, at the very least, thought it to be another overtly terribly acted and nakedly preachy Christian film.

But the left doesn’t own it all anymore. Now it shares the big stage whether it likes it or not. Films like Sound of Freedom and Nefarious are making their way into mainstream consciousness and they’re overwhelming the corporate media’s narratives. People are flocking to these movies when and where they can. Upon seeing these films, people are exposed to a whole new worldview. They’re getting a taste of something that was hitherto withheld from them.

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I can’t express to you how bad this is for the corporate media. Their carefully controlled news and entertainment landscape only works if it’s carefully controlled. When people get a taste of something that’s both substantial and entertaining, it makes the hollow mush they’re serving up seem tasteless by comparison. If you enjoyed Nefarious or Sound of Freedom, then you’ve automatically created a market for more of it. Now there’s a demand, and it’s a demand the corporate media refuses to supply.

You’re walking away. You’re slipping through their fingers.



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