Goya Foods CEO Claps Back at AOC's Boycott Threat In the Most Ingenious Way

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

When Goya foods came under attack by the leftist mob after its CEO Bob Unanue praised President Donald Trump, America went out in force and bought as much food from the brand as they could, resulting in an epic “buy-cott” that sent sales into the stratosphere.


The boycott effort was led by New York’s hard-left darling, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it would appear that Unanue is going to add insult to injury by getting back at AOC.

According to Houston talk-radio show host extraordinaire Michael Berry, Unanue got clever in his revenge against the socialist New York politician and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

“How did @GoyaFoods CEO Bob Unanue (ooh-NON-new-a) respond to AOC’s threatened boycott of his delicious foods?” asked Berry in a tweet. “Well, he named her “employee of the month” for helping increase sales. Interesting man, & unafraid to speak of faith, family & patriotism.”

That’s right. Unanue rewarded AOC with “employee of the month” for boosting his sales so significantly.

Once again, AOC attempted to sew division and anger, and, once again, AOC has had to watch as her efforts blow up in her face and her enemies were rewarded. Not only that, she then had to watch her enemies mock her relentlessly for it in a clever way that she herself could never manage to come up with.


As Twitchy points out, Goya foods deserve praise and support as it’s a superb company that not only delivers good food but helps out communities in need.

What has AOC done?

The New York congresswoman has done the brave and powerful thing of depriving 25,000 people in her district jobs they could have used to feed their families and keep roofs over their heads by chasing Amazon out of her district.

In any case, congratulations to AOC for her “employee of the month” award at Goya. She deserves it.


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