Disney Collapses Under Its Own Woke Weight and Iger Is Looking to Sell

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Everyone is focused on the ultra-successful boycotts of Bud Light and Target, but I’d have to give the award for the most successful boycott today to the one happening to Disney.

What’s interesting about the Disney boycott is that there wasn’t an announced boycott of the company. People have been organically walking away from it in droves and it’s been losing billions of dollars. It wasn’t being led by any particular YouTuber, or influencing personality either. Its product has been so bad that people just stopped showing up.

The mass departure from Disney caused the House of Mouse to go through a time of undeniable crisis. CEOs and executives being fired without warning, massive layoffs, and the loss of its tax-exempt mini-kingdom were all signs of an empire in decline. All of this was the result of the loss of millions of subscribers from its streaming service, declining park attendance, and fewer and fewer tickets being sold for their movies.

There once was a time when Disney couldn’t miss, but now, thanks to a commitment to woke ideals and substanceless, sterile creations, all it does is miss the mark.

As such, Disney has gotten to a point where it’s looking to sell off pieces of itself.

According to Bloomberg, Disney CEO Bob Iger is turning away from “building an empire” and is resorting to a “Disney yard sale”:

Iger put roughly a third of the company up for sale this week, declaring Disney’s linear TV assets noncore. That includes TV networks ABC, FX and Freeform. He also said Disney is looking for a strategic partner for ESPN — though he’s not willing to sell the whole thing — and the company is already looking to sell or restructure its TV and streaming business in India.

This includes an $800 million loss from Disney+, Disney’s streaming service thanks to a loss of a whopping 4 million subscribers just last quarter.

Selling its television assets could net them $8 billion right off the bat, but it would lose the rights to a number of things, including the NBA. Moreover, its ownership of FX gives it a ton of shows that are featured on its other streaming service, Hulu, which could come with its own complications, especially as Iger looks to unite Hulu and D+ into a single entity.

So dire is the situation that the rumors that Iger will sell Disney to Apple have resurfaced with a vengeance.

This turn was a quick one. It wasn’t that long ago that Disney was on top of the world. Its success with Marvel had given it a huge boost to its coffers and it still had the goodwill of Star Wars fans after the success of Rogue One and The Force Awakens. The release of a Pixar movie was still an event, and with Disney+ on the horizon, investors were looking at Disney like the golden goose.

But investors would soon be disappointed as Disney began embracing the ideas of the radicals in its midst and obeying the orders of woke investment firms. They injected nearly everything they could with some sort of messaging or shoehorned in some LGBT themes. The writing became substanceless and boring, and bad decisions were made for once-beloved characters, destroying them overnight and giving audiences no reason to return.

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Its decision to fall into the political muck cost it half its market value by January of 2023. Even the people Disney hired to bring it into the “modern era” with its woke policies began to abandon the company. But it learned nothing. It continued to push political nonsense without ceasing, and as it did, audiences walked away. In just a few short years, Disney became a shadow of its former self. The magic left the magic kingdom and now it’s falling into ruin.

Disney shares the same sickness that Target did; it embraced radical leftism to the point where it even began presenting it to children. Wokeness tends to poison anything it touches, but the moment the children of Americans are approached with radical political indoctrination in mind is the moment that a company eliminates the goodwill of the people at an unsustainable speed.

It’s a real tragedy that Disney took the turn it did. Generations of Americans grew up watching Disney’s shows, buying their products, and looking forward to the next innovation. It was once considered a shining example of America’s ingenuity, creativity, and power to make dreams come true.

Now it resembles a California slum.

Get woke, go broke. Put Disney’s picture next to that phrase in the book of business best practices.


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