Why Disney Lost Us On 'Lightyear': It Starts With a False LGBT Activist Narrative

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So, the Buzz Lightyear movie flopped on its opening weekend, getting trampled by Chris Pratt and his dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Dominion.

According to Bounding Into Comics, Lightyear raked in $51 million domestically, and $84 million worldwide. For a movie that took around $200 million to make, that’s a big chunk of Disney’s cash that’s been tossed into a pile and burned with audiences holding the matchbook.


It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message.

As my colleague Bonchie reported on Monday morning, Disney’s failure is easy to spot. Like other leftist organizations, the studio attempted to push leftist ideology on their kids and the parents just weren’t having it. They’d rather watch their old friends from the Jurassic Park series try to reason with raptors through the use of the “stop, in the name of love” pose.

The mistakes made along the way were proudly advertised by Disney as well. The lesbian kiss they had originally removed and then added into the movie again was followed by Chris Evans calling people who disagreed with it “idiots” and suggesting they were on the wrong side of history.

As I said at the time, it was a bold move to call more than half the country “idiots” before the release of your film, and I doubted it would work out for him. Sure enough, the film is limping instead of rocketing through the sky.

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Disney was fooled into believing that Evans is on the “right side of history” as they like to say, and Evans has done a very good job of fooling himself on the matter as well. The issue is that they’ve told themselves a story about who Americans are and what they believe.

They believe that Americans are still largely a bigoted people with deep insecurities about homosexuality and that they haven’t quite yet accepted that no matter what, homosexuality will become the norm. As I wrote in the article linked above, Evans is sort of right, but he’s more wrong than not.


Homosexuality will become more “normalized” per se, but it won’t be considered the norm. The reason being is the exact same reason why the LGBT activist community doesn’t understand its own narrative.

The “bigotry” and “homophobia” exhibited by the American people towards the LGBT community largely isn’t “bigotry” or “homophobia.”

For one, I’ve very rarely seen anyone exhibit actual “homophobia” in the actual sense of the word. The “phobia” aspect of the word is being used to sensationalize everything from the rejection of the entire lifestyle to simple disagreement with a few actions from the activist community at large.

A “phobia” is recognized as a deep-seated fear of something that causes an extreme “fight or flight” response when seen or heard by the person who has the phobia. A person with a fear of snakes or spiders may flee to a much further distance or attempt to get on top of something. Their adrenalin will spike, they may start to perspire, and their breathing will become short. They may get dizzy and disoriented.

I’ve never witnessed one person exhibit this behavior around a gay or lesbian person. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of the LGBT community hasn’t either. “Homophobia” is a sensationalist term meant to make their opponents seem delusional and mindless.

They’re not, and that leads me to the crux of their mistaken narrative.


People are typically against homosexuality for two reasons. Religion is one such reason, and many religions do indeed cast homosexuality as a sin. The second reason is that people simply have a distaste for it. Both are grave sins in today’s mainstream culture, which requires that everyone be reverent of the LGBT community in some regard.

Homosexuality and transgenderism are sacred cows within our society and speaking out against them in any way will result in social consequences. This is because our society has largely been taught that resistance to anything LGBT is done from a source of hate. However, in both religion and preference, neither one of these is typically hateful.

For instance, a Christian may find homosexuality to be a sin but that doesn’t mean they hate the homosexual. In fact, we Christians are told not to reject the sinner, but the sin. Christians understand that everyone is a sinner, including themselves, and that sin doesn’t constitute the whole of who the person is.

Then there’s the personal preference aspect, and this is the more common one.

For many, homosexuality isn’t something they enjoy seeing. It’s unnatural and they’re somewhat grossed out by it. That’s okay because according to many conversations I’ve had with homosexual people, the idea of heterosexual sex is something they consider gross. It’s okay to not want to see it. Not showing up at Disney’s “Lightyear” is part of this.

But that’s just personal preference. Why not allow the children to see things such as a lesbian kiss and let them decide for themselves?


If you’re a parent today, you’d probably want to protect your child from the LGBT activist community. You see how they’re attempting to force horrible things on children in schools, drag shows for “kids” that look nothing close to kid-friendly, pride parades and events that display all sorts of kink, transgender teenagers who isolate themselves away from friends and family, lives that are wholly consumed by delusional activism, and unhealthy lifestyles that oftentimes lead to depression or, at the extreme end of that extreme, high suicide rates.

What some may see as “just a lesbian” kiss is to many a doorway to a lifestyle they’d rather their kids not take part in. Moreover, they would like to see their families expand, and see their line continued through children born of their own lineage, which is a biological urge we all share. They want to see that happen in the way it’s happened since we were living in caves.

There’s little bigotry or hate in this, yet the LGBT activist community has convinced themselves and their allies that every inch of resistance is born from some sort of irrationality. I’m sure there are people out there who do hate them for all the wrong reasons, but this small group of people does not constitute the majority of the population.

It’s this misguided hatred on the part of the LGBT activist community that drives them to do things that are hateful toward everyone else, and include their propaganda in kid’s movies for purely political reasons. Parents are naturally going to turn away from it.


The last thing the LGBT community needs to think is that their activists are correct about why “Lightyear” flopped. They’re going to tell them they still live in a nation that hates them. That’s not true. There’s too much evidence to the contrary. This is about people who don’t want to be forced to participate in a lifestyle that’s just not for them, who don’t want to be insulted for simply not agreeing with it, and have no desire to have their kids introduced to a lifestyle that is currently, clearly, unhealthy and unstable.

Companies have been roped into believing this activist lie as well. They should begin waking up as soon as possible or risk more “Lightyear” results.


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