Disney's Death by 1,000 Woke Cuts

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Disney used to be an unstoppable force. It couldn’t sneeze without it being a monster hit that would be remembered for decades. If you were to ask “what’s your favorite Disney movie,” everyone in the western world would have an answer.

Disney had its tentacles in everything. Movies, video games, sports, theme parks, television networks, food, and education–just to name a few–and all of it was approved by the parents of America because Disney helped make their own childhoods magical and they wanted to share that with their children.

Then, as we marched into modern times, things began getting strange. Social justice became more and more prominent. A statement from a sports commentator on ESPN here, a promise from a CEO there. Then, what began as a trickle swiftly became an overwhelming river that swept up everything good about the company and drowned it.

“Star Wars” was destroyed at its very roots, then Marvel devolved into preachy nonsense, and Pixar didn’t fare much better. You couldn’t even watch the old classics on Disney plus without getting a guilt trip over it. Here’s a screen that pops up before you can even watch “Aladdin.”

Things only got more and more ridiculous and offensive. Disney embraced LGBT activism to the point of trying to get involved in politics. It attempted to interfere in Florida’s Parental Rights Bill, claiming that the purpose of it was to forbid speaking the word “gay” to kids in school. It did no such thing, but that mattered little to Disney. While it would lose that battle in spectacular fashion, Disney would continue to push a woke agenda on its customers. LGBT scenes would begin appearing in films made for children.

In the midst of it all, people began losing faith in the company and anything it released. Parents began refusing to take their children to see movies such as “Lightyear” which contained a lesbian kiss scene. The film bombed at the box office. This was followed up very recently by “Strange World,” which attempted to include a teen gay romance scene. This film was released quietly during Thanksgiving weekend, while “Wakanda Forever” was only in its third week in theaters. It too flopped, with only an abysmal $18.6 million to show for it.

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Disney is a mere shadow of its former self. It went from being the greatest entertainment empire America had ever produced to being a hive of activists producing garbage movies to get pats on the back from other activists.

Disney is dying. There’s no doubt about it, and while it may not completely die off and disappear into the history books, it will live on like a shade.

For all the ire we have for the company now, I would much rather Disney still be like itself from the days when it really was a magic kingdom. I view its fall as tragic, like a healthy and good-natured person who, through a series of unfortunate events and bad influences, became addicted to drugs and had his entire life fall apart.

But this is how the extreme left operates. It introduced a little change here and a suggestion for more inclusivity there. Then one thing leads to another–and the good intentions with which you allowed these changes pave the road to hell.

Disney isn’t the first and it won’t be the last, but it might be the saddest. Maybe one day the magic kingdom will be magical again and better people will take charge of it, but that’s not today and it won’t be tomorrow. Until it gets better, Disney is best left avoided for the sake of your children and your own sanity.


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