GamerGate Returns? The Media Tries and Fails to Explain the 'Call of Duty' Protest

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It’s that time again.

Something in the video game world is happening that displeases the corporate media and, as such, it can only be the nefarious work of the most shadowy organization in the world; “GamerGate.”


For those of you who aren’t up on what GamerGate is, around 2014 a movement started up that featured geeks and gamers everywhere rising to demand that the access media and gaming journalists operate by a certain standard of ethics. They did this after it was discovered that one journalist was giving an indie game developer favorable reviews while being in an undisclosed sexual relationship with her.

The gaming journalists, disdainful of the gaming industry and its community by default, refused to adhere to any standards but their own social justice-driven political agendas and began attacking gamers as sexist, misogynist, racist, etc. You know, the usual attacks from leftist journalists. What resulted was a cultural war that gamers ended up winning, and the access/corporate media hasn’t forgiven them since.

Random attempts to rewrite history concerning GamerGate still pop up from time to time. They want to say it was an all-male, sock puppet-driven attack on women in gaming. Oh, and they were white supremacists and transphobic too, according to anti-GG activists. However, to this day, GamerGate represents one of the most diverse protests to ever occur in modern history, with people of all races, creeds, sexes, sexualities, and even political stances coming together to resist a social justice takeover by radical activists.

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And now we come to today where, once again, gamers are rising up to draw a line, and the corporate/access media is screeching the word “GamerGate” in an attempt to scare people into turning away.

As RedState previously reported, the most famous shooter in the world “Call of Duty” found itself in some hot water when it punished one of its most popular players, Nickmercs, for simply suggesting that radical LGBT activists leave kids alone. This resulted in other big-name gamers such as Dr. Disrespect and Timthetatman coming to Nickmerc’s aid in various ways. Dr. Disrespect uninstalled CoD publicly vowing not to return, and Timthetatman requested that the bundle created around his likeness for CoD players be taken out of the game just like Nickmercs’ was.

Moreover, Call of Duty can’t seem to send out a tweet without gamers responding with “Leave the kids alone,” and declarations of boycotting the game can be heard from every corner of the gaming community.

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The response against Call of Duty siding with groomers has been overwhelming and naturally, this has angered corporate media. With the gaming community once again standing against radical activists, media outlets are screeching the word “GamerGate” and, once again, painting this most nefarious movement as the source of all this LGBT “hate.”


From Rolling Stone:

But this freaking out that a popular shoot-em-up entertainment has somehow been breached by liberal attitudes of acceptance is also a revealing throwback to the troll movement that opened the floodgates to such crusades almost a decade ago: Gamergate. In 2014 and 2015, male gamers waged relentless misogynistic harassment of women in the industry, using the excuse of a trumped-up media scandal to vent their fury at what they saw as progressive and feminist values in games. Targets were doxxed and threatened with rape and violence as these men lamented the supposed collapse of a purely masculine climate. In those days, the “woke” crowd was maligned as an army of “social justice warriors.”

The recent Call of Duty blowback of course follows the script of the past year’s increasingly extreme anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. However, it also echoes the old Gamergate narrative: a pastime regarded as dude-ish and heteronormative, resistant to any incursion of outsiders, now recognizes a diverse set of fans. You can no longer retreat into the sexless, murderous world of Call of Duty without risking the sight of a rainbow flag and getting incredibly mad that gay people exist — even online, on a virtual battlefield. Worse still, Activision welcomes those customers.

Well, clutch my pearls and get my fainting couch. That shadowy guy bro movement that controls society is back. GamerGate has returned.


Only it hasn’t. GamerGate was something that lived while it was needed and died when it was supposed to. The mistake the media is making is assuming that GamerGate has anything to do with what’s happening to Call of Duty.

It doesn’t.

This isn’t GamerGate, it’s just the people. Possibly more accurately, it’s the activist community having pushed the patience and grace of the people too far.

For years the general public stayed mostly silent while Pride parades featuring grotesque displays meandered down Mainstreet. People really didn’t have that big of a problem with LGBT characters in movies and television for the most part. Despite the unyielding pushes by the LGBT activist community into mainstream culture, the general public didn’t really raise a fuss until these activists started getting the children involved. The moment that line was crossed was the moment the pushback began.

This isn’t an issue of toxic masculinity in gaming. It certainly isn’t anti-LGBT activism or homophobia. This is an issue of overzealous activists viewing children as prime targets and the general population is pushing back. It’s that simple.

All they had to do was leave the kids alone.

Using GamerGate as a boogieman to make people think it’s anything less than a reaction by the people against having their children targeted isn’t just dishonest, it’s a full-throated agreement that LGBT activists should be allowed to come after people’s children for whatever purposes they have in mind.


That’s a hard “no” from all of us, not just gamers.

Two pieces of advice to the corporate media: Leave the kids alone and stop trying to resurrect GamerGate. Not doing either is going to go poorly for you.

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