The Democrats' RFK Jr. Problem

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

While all the attention is currently focused on Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and the increasingly heated GOP civil war, the Democrat Party is experiencing its own problems.

And that problem comes in the form of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

No, that’s not right. The problem isn’t RFK Jr. but President Joe Biden. That’s where the issue truly originates. Biden is at a stage in his life where he should be forgetting where his wife is handing him a lemonade in a sippy cup as he stares at a body of water with a blanket over his lap. Instead, they’re dressing him in a suit so he can mumble incoherently into a microphone while his handlers actually do all the decision-making.

And those decisions are some of the worst in the nation’s history, going all the way back to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Biden is busy trumpeting his success in dealing with the virus while bragging about his “economy,” many Americans are becoming disillusioned with Democrat results and are literally packing up and moving out to red states.

Now, as 2024 approaches, Democrats are looking around nervously like a woman on a bad date. And why shouldn’t they? The guy they came in with is old and weird, and for some reason, his wife is there and keeps talking for him to the point where they don’t know if they’re dating him or her.

As it stands there are two other options. California Governor Gavin Newsom and RFK Jr., but perhaps only RFK Jr. actually has a chance to do some damage.

Newsom’s issue is that he’s the governor of California. While he is doing everything in his power to get the nation’s attention and sound like a leader, his rapidly decaying state is looming over him like a shadow. Every day a new reason for the nation to keep Newsom at a distance pops up, and given the reactions to every one of his tweets on Twitter, his time in the national spotlight isn’t going to be healthy. People are fleeing California in droves and even many Democrats would be hard-pressed to welcome him back into their lives after they fled his state.

RFK Jr., however, seems to be a Democrat capable of doing something Democrats haven’t seen since Tulsi Gabbard; tell the truth. While Gabbard is now considered a right-leaning by the left, RFK Jr. seems to be able to maintain his position as a Democrat despite his outsider nature.

As Douglas Mackinnon wrote at The Hill, RFK Jr. represents a realism for the Democrats that hasn’t been seen in some time. Moreover, he’s willing to engage with the people in any way he can, even if the corporate media isn’t willing to engage with him:

Many on the left now condemning Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer” might have no problem with these draconian actions. But guess what? Tens of millions of Americans did and still do.

These Americans are going to be very open to hearing Kennedy’s voice as he barnstorms the nation in the face of a liberal media blackout.

The next reason why I believe Kennedy will prevail is that he is far from the “one issue” candidate some in the media believe him to be. He is speaking to multiple issues a majority of voters want addressed — issues which have been upending their quality of life for years.

Kennedy’s “ace in the hole” may very well be his simplified campaign message: “Tell the truth.” He pledges to roll up his sleeves much like his dad did in the 1960s and engage in honest conversations with the people.

Mackinnon thinks RFK Jr. will take the Democrat nomination. I’m not willing to go that far. We’ve seen what the DNC is willing to do to threats against their chosen candidates. You can ask Bernie Sanders about that.

That said, I still think he poses a problem. A Quinnipiac poll noted that 65 percent of voters think Biden is too old for a second term. As election season ramps up and Biden is forced to make more and more appearances, it’s going to get more and more awkward. He’s going to have to avoid the press and only engages when he’s been thoroughly coached and hopped up on so many uppers that he could fly.

Meanwhile, Kennedy will continue being the calm, cool, collected, and charismatic guy that he is, speaking on a variety of subjects succinctly. You won’t see him much on corporate media, which will be pointed out, and people will want to know why this man who keeps appearing in various clips on the internet is being hidden from them. The Streisand effect will take place, making RFK Jr. something of a very large dark horse candidate.

For Democrats, it’ll be like the “Look at your man, now look at me” Old Spice commercial.

“This is what your president could look and sound like” will be the message.

The DNC will direct Biden back to the general election debate stage, but by that time, there could be an RFK Jr.-sized hole in the voting pool. Unwilling to settle for a doddering old geriatric who doesn’t know where he is half the time, they may go searching for greener pastures, splitting the vote and truly damaging the Democrat’s chances and losing them the 2024 election…

…unless they cheat again.



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