The Parental Extent of Self-Defense

Last week, Armenian-American parents in Glendale, California, went to their local school to protest the LGBT indoctrination that was being forced on their children without their consent. Like any good parent, rising up to make it clear that your child is protected and watched over is something that comes instinctively and makes those looking to do your children harm think twice.

However, those protesting parents were met by Antifa, the violent domestic terrorist group. What resulted was a brawl in the streets that took police intervention and some arrests to stop.

As I watched this the first time, I didn’t do so with shock. In fact, the first thing I thought was “I’m surprised it hadn’t happened earlier.”

Keep in mind that the push to introduce LGBT sexuality and lifestyles to your children is a push from the radical left. Introducing pornography and sexual concepts to children is a radical leftist stance. As such, any attempt to stop it will result in the radical left doing what the radical left does when it’s opposed; they’re going to get violent.

This is what you’re up against. This is the evil that is in front of you now. Don’t be surprised or taken aback by it. This is the nature of predators. They hunt for, and consume, the most vulnerable. Any species with parental instincts that exists on the planet prepare for this kind of predation, and so should you.

If you’re going to go out to defend your child from the radical left, be ready to defend yourself because eventually, they’re going to get tired of you speaking out against them. They’re going to become furious that you would dare resist their attempts to make their new world through the indoctrination of your children.

This “new world” that they want is far more harmful to your children than a bruise or broken bone. As Pastor John Amanchukwu Sr. showed us during a school board meeting in Asheville School District in North Carolina, some of the things they want to introduce to your children are absolutely disgusting and encourage behaviors that are incredibly destructive at their age.

This is nothing short of normalization for the intention of grooming your children into being okay and comfortable with sexual encounters, which many of these radicals can then use for their own nefarious purposes, whether it’s shoving your child into an identity that will automatically make them an obedient ally or something far more heinous.

This is something they’re willing to fight you for physically. Their hope is that if they become violent, you’ll back down and stay quiet. The threat of violence from the left has worked on multiple occasions and causes entire towns to sometimes stay quiet out of fear.

But you can’t let that deter you. The stakes are too high. Nothing short of your children’s lives is on the line.

If you decide to go out to protect your children, prepare yourself for the inevitability of violence. If you’re not capable of effective self-defense, bring someone with you who is. Come in large numbers to make your presence more intimidating.

The radicals will attempt to get you to throw the first punch. Don’t give them that. Stay peaceful but firm. Don’t back down or retreat. Eventually, if the conditions are right, they will initiate violence against you. It’s their way.

If that does happen, defend yourself or others with such severity that they begin to feel the fear they tried to impress on you.

Remember, they believe your children are actually their children. They believe that you’re stopping your child from becoming who they truly are, a queer socialist who wants to be sexually free to explore themselves and others. They truly think that you’re abusing your child and they believe it’s their duty to enforce the radical leftist attempts to indoctrinate your child.

They couldn’t be more wrong. At some point, they’re going to feel the need to get violent to reinforce their own belief that they’re in the right. Be prepared for that, especially as we get closer and closer to election season and the media, politicians, and activist groups turn up the heat with their alarmism. Desperation is going to sink in and they’re going to get worse.

If that does happen, just make it clear to them that you aren’t locked in there with them, they’re locked in there with you.



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