We Became So Open-Minded Our Brains Fell Out

(AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying)

I’m going to post a video that I just saw floating around on Twitter that is not at all family-friendly. The only reason I’m posting it is because I want you to see what these people on the radical left consider to be appropriate for children to see.

This clip comes from the “WeHo Pride Parade” in West Hollywood, California, which the website describes as a “colorful and entertainment event for the whole family.” By “family friendly” you think they’d mean fully clothed people waving rainbow flags around as they marched down Santa Monica Blvd., maybe some vehicles bedecked with rainbow-themed livery, a waving politician sitting on the back of a convertible, and some fried food from street vendors.

But this is the radical left and this is “Pride Month.” Their idea of being “family-friendly” doesn’t mean being innocent and well-behaved. When they say “family-friendly,” what they mean to say is that they want your family to join in on and/or witness their perversions.

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The video, if you can stomach it, features a nearly nude man in bondage gear handcuffed to an “X-cross,” commonly used for BDSM sex play, which has been rigged to sit in the back of a pickup truck. Another man behind him uses the whip to simulate choking the man cuffed to the X-cross as people in a crowd look on.

This is what the politicians of West Hollywood think is appropriate for children to see. In fact, LA County Supervisor and former West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath released a video of her dancing with small children at this same event. As you can see in the video, these children have rainbow hearts painted on the side of their faces as they dance to the music of the parade.

While you and I, dear reader, may know that this is wrong on every level, for many people in the United States of America, this has become absolutely normal.

They’ve been so conditioned that they don’t see people taking their sexual behaviors and displaying them for all to see, including children, for their own amusement and pleasure. Their conditioning makes them see a celebration of freedom and equality. They’ve been programmed to the point where they see it as something like performance art and an expression of “love.”

To be clear, this is nothing short of barely restrained exhibitionism and rest assured, one day that thin bit of restraint won’t be there. The goal is absolute normalization and hardcore sex in the streets isn’t something they’d hesitate to do if they could get away with it. Keep in mind that these are the same people who think that children should witness kink. It wasn’t some random person on the street who said it, this was an article from the Washington Post.

My grandfather once told me that you shouldn’t become so open-minded that your brain falls out. The point he was making was clear. There comes a point where tolerance and acceptance stop being freedom-oriented and start becoming detrimental.

If these men in the back of the truck had kept it to their own weird sex dungeon in their home then whatever. I may not agree with their lifestyle, but I’d be able to accept the fact that they’re doing it in a free society where people can do as they wish to each other in a consensual relationship. I’d even shrug it off if it was something they were doing inside of an adult club where children aren’t allowed and the activities are well hidden away from the public in the same manner as a strip club.

But this is being done in front of children and, given today’s climate, with the intention of doing it for children. This is a grooming tactic that will not only make kids feel comfortable around them for their own disgusting purposes, but it normalizes this kind of perversion for these children who will grow up and think nothing of it when they see it performed in the future. The fringe will no longer be the fringe, it’ll be the mainstream because these children will have no defensive moral barrier to understand how wrong it is.

This is why they continue to soak children in LGBT culture in schools, after-school activities, children’s shows, and more. It’s about acceptance through regular exposure.

We’re at a point now where regular America needs to do some normalizing of its own.

For instance, one of the most powerful weapons the LGBT activist community has at its disposal is a public accusation of “homophobia” or “transphobia.” They scream about your “intolerance.” We need to normalize being okay with being called “phobic,” despite the fact that we’re not, and embrace being “intolerant.”

We’re intolerant of pedophilia and grooming. We’re not accepting of those who wish to force this on our children. These are things we absolutely are and should be. We’re actively working against them. We’re at war with them. We do not tolerate them.

These people who would attempt to drag your child into the darkness with them are nothing short of evil and any good person is highly intolerant toward that evil. The literal future is on the line and we can either hand it to them out of fear of being accused of things that will make us a public pariah or we can embrace it and give others the courage to express their lack of acceptance along with you.

The majority of America doesn’t want this, but too many don’t have the courage to speak out. The number of people who openly do speak out needs to be so overwhelming that the people who make these accusations are revealed to be the small group that they are.

Don’t be scared. Speak out. Be intolerant.


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