The Media Mafia Clumsily Threatens DeSantis

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

“Gee, you sure got a nice campaign here Mr. DeSantis. Sure would be a shame if some ill-meaning individuals came and burned it down, but don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’re treated with the utmost respect, but you just gotta respect us…if you know what I’m sayin’.”

Not to use the “he said the quiet part out loud” trope but every now and again, someone from the left does it without knowing they did it. It usually comes about because their heads are lodged so firmly up their own cake that they overestimate their own importance.

This happened when Politico’s senior political columnist Jonathan Martin decided to weigh in on the chastizing Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis gave to a well-known hostile AP reporter.

As my colleague Bonchie reported, it all started when AP reporter Steve Peoples wrote a piece claiming DeSantis was having trouble “connecting” with people and not taking their questions. It was a pretty blatant lie and a correction was issued by AP, but that didn’t stop Peoples from doubling down and confronting DeSantis about his lack of people skills in person…while DeSantis was in the middle of connecting with people and taking their questions in person.

It was a gross moment from the media, but these gross moments are a feature of the mainstream media, not a bug. Case in point, we go back to Politico’s Martin who watched the scene play out for himself and, instead of seeing the embarrassment that befell Peoples due to his lack of sense, decided to issue forth something of a threat.

“There’s an element of super pac playing to online base here – shuts down etc!” said Martin quoting the “Never Back Down” tweet. “But the larger problem w DeSantis reaction is it shows he still doesn’t grasp the bad will he’s courting by, in this case, lashing out at one of the top reporters for the [Associated Press].” 

Even if the threat was unintentional, what he said translates to “DeSantis needs to be nicer to mainstream reporters or these reporters will fail to do their jobs properly in regards to his campaign.”

Firstly, who cares? The mainstream media has no interest in a Republican winning anything. They openly denounce and hate the right, and any popular conservative politician instantly becomes the next Hitler-Satan if he succeeds in defeating the left in any major capacity. Former President Donald Trump couldn’t blink without a reporter screaming indignation about it, George W. Bush was a war criminal who hated black people, and if DeSantis wins he’ll be labeled the most bigoted and hateful politician to ever exist.

He can be as nice as he wants to mainstream reporters to the point where he gives them preference, but it won’t matter. They’ll take it as a weakness they can exploit, not a kindness they should return.

And that brings me to my second point: The mainstream media are hell-bent on bringing DeSantis down. They are Democrat activists firsts, self-absorbed narcissists second, and reporters never. They are propagandists who want to be the story, not tell it. DeSantis is right to not just shrug off the AP reporter, he’s right to mock him publicly. It’s clear Peoples wasn’t there to get the scoop. If he was, then his question would have fallen somewhere outside of the story his news organization already had to correct.

No, he was there to do what these mainstream reporters love to do with Republican candidates, and that’s scratch their own hateful little itches by pretending they’re bravely confronting these politicians about issues that usually don’t even exist so they can make Republicans look bad and Democrats look better.

This was a clumsy, ridiculous, and failed mainstream mafia hit, and I honestly hope they continue to embarrass and expose themselves for the goons they are.



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