With Mental Illness on the Left Now Proven, We Need to Figure Out if the Chicken Came Before the Egg

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Back in 2015, on the now-defunct website, I made the observation that leftism and mental illness seem to go hand-in-hand. Perusing the radical-left haven that is Tumblr back then, I saw a lot of hatred from fringe groups at the time for anyone and anyone that had traditional values. These fringe groups include the transgender and the ever-growing self-diagnosed mental disorder crowd.

Reading some of their posts was like delving into the mind of a clinically insane person. Those people would soon stop being the fringe and become mainstream once Bruce Jenner became Caitlin Jenner and Vanity Fair published an article about it.

People began to purposefully make themselves look hideous with brightly colored haircuts that look like they were given by a weed wacker. In place of calm conversation, social justice-obsessed people would simply scream. Like children, they would lash out violently at things they didn’t like. It wasn’t just the young adults either. Grown people were doing this.

Fast forward to 2020, and after witnessing Alisson Camerota tell people that the desire to call the police when they’re in danger comes from a position of “privilege,” I once again suggested that a form of mental illness follows leftist beliefs around like a shadow follows the one who casts it. The growing presence of the transgender crowd, the existence of Antifa, and the flat denial of reality, even on the administrative level of any given institution, only made me wonder if there was a mind virus on the left that needed to be researched and studied.

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I’d suggest the same link again in 2022 after watching the backlash to Matt Walsh simply telling a transgender person what a woman is on the Dr. Phil show.

Now, as RedState reported on Friday, the connection between leftism and mental illness has finally been made. New research proves that the link is a real one:

Krispenz and Bertrams went on to explain, a little deeper, the behavioral patterns of those afflicted with this condition. That explanation may cause some of us to snicker and engage in a bit of abnormal behavior ourselves, enjoying some schadenfreude. They say that these forms of activism allow for these individuals to engage in self-promotion and assertions of moral superiority. That, in turn, allows them to attain a certain level of social status and authority within their social circles. They also seek out more social conflict and are more aggressive in that conflict, primarily for thrill-seeking.

So now the question has to be asked. Does leftism create mental illness or do the mentally ill come to leftism?

I have no doubt that there is an element of both, but judging by some of the stories I’ve heard about completely normal kids going into college and coming out wholly radical, I can’t help but think social justice opens the door for mental illness into a completely normal mind.

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The social justice or radical left mental illness can probably be considered something that grows over time once a seed is planted in a completely normal mind.

First, it begins with a sense of victimization or guilt. That soon grows into a hatred for the oppressor (whether its an other or yourself) and a need to go to war with whoever said oppressor is. Any action in this very important war is justified and the oppressor is made to seem so evil that engaging in conversation with them is deemed out of the question.

All that matters is the destruction of their systems, beliefs, traditions, and more. The idea is all-consuming and there can be no other thought but this thought.

It’s enough to drive anyone insane.

While I think this research is great, I think we need to push further into this and really see what we can find about the way leftism creates insanity.



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