Leftism Makes You Weak, Confused, and Vulnerable

Matt Sayles

One of the reasons I can’t embrace modern leftism is its insistence that in order to be a good person, you have to deny yourself everything from common sense to the very essence of who you are as an entity on this planet. They will look at nature and its balances, and say that they must be resisted in order to achieve moral elevation, turning the resistance of the natural order into a virtuous act.

However, there really is no getting around the natural order of things. Buckling down on doing so leads to death in some way, shape, or form. It might be the death of the body, or it might be the death of the mind. In fact, as I’ve covered previously, much of the behavior of the extreme left looks a lot like a mental disorder.

And I’m not being hyperbolic with my references to “death of the body.” Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender suggested that if your home is broken into, then calling the police is classist and racist, and that the police may harm the person trying to break into your home in order to steal from you or worse.

(Bizarre Behavior, Violence, and Delusions: Social Justice Advocacy Looks a Lot Like a Mental Disorder)

Recently, I watched clips from the show “Dr. Phil,” when he had on Matt Walsh as a guest, as well as a couple of transgender activists. There was supposed to be a frank discussion between the two sides about the nature of transgenderism, and it was during this interaction that Walsh asked them to simply define what a woman is.

As you can see, neither of the activists could answer Walsh, but Walsh did have the answer — and it’s a very simple answer to boot.

In a sane world, this would have really triggered some self-reflection and thought about the nature of sex and biological facts. It didn’t. As the Daily Wire covered, Dr. Phil and Walsh were bombarded by angry tweets, all declaring that Dr. Phil was a horrible person for even having Walsh on in the first place, and that Walsh is just an ignorant rube.

They had nothing to back these claims up, but they believed it with all their heart and their feelings on the matter were enough. Meanwhile, the two transgender activists took time after the show to tell everyone that their interaction with Walsh left them with very high anxiety and constant nightmares. Walsh, however, was just fine.

As dumb and unbelievable as this may seem, I have no reason not to believe them. I truly do believe they are suffering greatly, just from Walsh asking them to define what a woman is and him laying down the facts about sex.

Walsh, like some eldritch horror, ripped the veil back from their reality and showed them the real world, not the one that had been cast over their eyes. To have one’s entire reality torn away right in front of them is a shocking experience, and one that they’ll have to take some time in stitching back together in order to feel “safe.”

Their mind experienced death, and they must spend time resuscitating it.

Reality is sometimes hard to swallow for some people. They may find out they’re not as liked by their peers as they once thought, or that their kids aren’t the upright citizens they thought they were raising. Sometimes, they may discover that they actually do have an addiction to something, and sometimes they actually do need help and aren’t as independent as they once thought.

If you’re alive, at some point, reality will break through your vision of the world and correct the record, and it’s not often pleasant.

This transgender movement, however, is on a whole different level, and if you were to zoom out, you’d realize that this view of the world is an infection shared by a great many on the left. The left truly does believe that men and women are interchangeable, that America really is a racist country, and white people really are an evil race, that socialism and communism have truly never been tried, and that Republicans really are just Nazis by a different name.

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If the mere presence of basic reality drives you into anxiety-ridden nightmares, then perhaps reality is telling you you’re on the wrong path and that your mental fortitude is so flimsy that the slightest breeze will rip it to pieces, leaving you a miserable mess of fear, anger, and hatred.

Leftism clearly makes you weak and embracing it should be avoided the same way one would avoid drug addiction.


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