Daniel Penny and the Years-Long Assassination of the Good, Dangerous Man

AP Photo/Jeenah Moon

If you’re not following the saga of Daniel Penny, then the long and short of it is that a white man put a homeless black man named Jordan Neely in a chokehold after the black man had made some death threats to people on a train. Naturally, this has turned into a race issue with people proclaiming Penny only did what he did because Neely was black.

In his own VIP article about this, Jeff Charles nailed this as a ridiculous way to view the situation:

In recent incidents involving individuals like Daniel Penny and Comrie, we witness a distressing pattern of the media’s eagerness to inject a narrative of racism and white supremacy into the news of the day without ever having to establish that racial animus existed in these situations in the first place. These cases, initially devoid of racial animosity, were quickly seized upon and distorted to fit a preconceived narrative.

Such reckless narrative spinning not only exacerbates existing racial tensions but also plays into the hands of authoritarian elites in government who exploit this division for their own gain. As Americans, it is essential to recognize and challenge these manipulations, which distract us from addressing the real issues that plague our society.

Charles is 100 percent here and the fact that this is continuously used to generate a false and lazy narrative that Democrat politicians and leftist activists can run on needs to be called out.

That said, there’s an angle to the Penny story that I don’t see a lot of people talking about. Penny isn’t guilty of racism and the race baiters in the media know this. What Penny is absolutely guilty of is the one thing the media would rather you not think about, and that’s the fact that Penny is a dangerous man…and why that’s a good thing.

One thing a radically leftist person hates more than anything on this planet is a good dangerous man. The demasculinization of men must also mean the deconstruction of the man willing to do violence on behalf of others for their safety and well-being. Society only holds together because men like this exist. Without them, the evils that lurk within any given society would have their way with whatever they came across.

The proof can be seen all throughout human history. When evil rises up, it’s strong men that are asked to meet it and subdue if not destroy it. When something goes down people don’t call out for Dylan Mulvaney, they ask for Chris Kyle. They don’t pick up the phone during an emergency they don’t do it to call a service worker, they want an armed man with a badge and the know-how to be deadly or a strong man willing to run into a burning building with an axe.

Penny was one such man. When danger called, he answered. He did what good capable men are supposed to do and the left doesn’t like that. Not one bit. So much so that they want to make an example of Penny with the message being clear; you should be scared to defend the defenseless.

What Penny did was a moral action and “moral action” is something the radical left would rather be left up to them. Men capable of defending the defenseless are going to do so against immoral people, and a lot of immorality being seen today is something that the let wholly endorses.

Immorality can be seen when pedophiles attempt to get to children through school programs and “kid-friendly” drag shows. Immorality can be seen when a leftist-born riot destroys a city in the name of (insert leftist cause here). Immorality can be seen when a man threatens the lives of those nearby.

They don’t want good men capable of being dangerous to appear when immoral things like this happen. They don’t want a Daniel Penny or a Kyle Rittenhouse to show up.

They hate the police officer willing to put himself in harm’s way and wish to defund him and make his job too dangerous to do by threatening the destruction of his personal life for doing it. They will lie about the border guard just trying to do his job. They will mock the soldier and accuse him of being a baby killer.

Why? Easy.

Because if you’re trying to conquer a people, one of the first things you would want to do is remove the hard line stopping you from doing that, and good, dangerous men make up the bulk of that line. If you’re an authoritarian looking to take over, you fear the people ready and willing to do violence to stop you.

Emasculation, disarmament, and consequences for the heroic. All of these are necessary if you want to take over civilization and rule unopposed.

This is why supporting and uplifting the good, dangerous man is important for any society.


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