Biden's Refusal to Retire Is Presenting a Very Real National Security Risk

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to convince yourself that President Joe Biden is fit both physically and mentally to run the most powerful nation in the world. Even before he was elected, the obvious question about his ability couldn’t help but be raised, and it only confirmed to many that they should be questioning it when the media began proclaiming that it was wrong to do so.

As time went on, it became clearer and clearer that Biden wasn’t all there. Physical stumbling, reaching out to people that weren’t there, and a distinct inability to keep a cohesive thought going, causing him to become confused and derail himself mid-sentence. This kind of ailment is usually found in residents of elderly care homes, not the White House.

While the Democrats and our own media are willing to sell the idea that Biden is the best man for the job, so much so that the DNC is willing to suspend their primary debates to protect him, our enemies have no such compunction. The fact that the most powerful nation in the world is currently under the “control” of a senile old man with incompetent puppeteers is a gift. They see this as a hot iron they should strike and strike repeatedly.

And they are. China and Russia are making big moves and consolidating power as the leader of the free world mumbles his way through speeches and waits for his chocolate chip ice cream treat.

We’re witnessing a massive attempt at a global shift in power as America continues to experience old and new problems brought about by this administration’s aforementioned incompetence. I’m pretty sure it’s why “Mean Tweets” stock is so high at the moment.

Things are going to be changing at a rapid rate and a world leader in this current situation needs to be ready to be able to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. As Axios has pointed out, that’s not something Biden is capable of doing:

The White House rarely puts Biden in improvisational settings — or in front of hostile questions from reporters. So it’s tough for anyone outside his tight bubble to truly appraise the reality of Biden being the oldest president in U.S. history.

They don’t allow Biden too much time in a stressful situation because he’s incapable of moving with the ever-changing flow of the conversation and rolling with the punches. All of his questions are pre-screened and laid out for him so he can give pre-written responses.

We’re marching toward an inevitable conflict that could land us in a World War and we’re currently leaderless. As NBC News reported on Friday, we’re experiencing a communications breakdown that could make conflict all the more likely:

A breakdown in communication between the United States and China is raising the risk of an unintended crisis or conflict between the two superpowers, current and former U.S. and Western officials say.

Diplomatic channels between China and the U.S. have mostly dried up as relations between the superpowers have steadily deteriorated over two successive administrations, with Beijing so far unwilling to say when top U.S. officials from the Biden administration will be welcome for high-level meetings.

While NBC likes to claim the breakdown began with the Trump administration, Trump’s strategy was to secure our nation’s supremacy over China through a “peace through strength” approach. China might not have liked it, but they at least respected it.

This is not the case with Biden who is being laughed at by our enemies as they begin making open movements to weaken the United States and replace it as the world superpower.

Biden’s inability to think on his feet and shift with the threats that are arising is putting this nation and the people in it in danger.

The Democrat’s response? No one can argue with him despite the fact that a lot of people really would like to.

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None of this gets better until the Democrats have been removed from power and we put this country back on a course of making sure our enemies understand that attempting to rise up will have grave consequences. We need to return to a nation of good leadership that not only secures itself as the chief superpower in the world and one that is strong economically due to good domestic policies.

Biden’s lack of cognitive function is literally putting us all in danger. He has to go, and if the Democrats won’t allow that to happen, then they all have to go.


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