The 'Trans-Kid' Movement Is a Sign of Deep Trouble for the Left

An animal is most vicious when it’s cornered. It’s a fact of nature that in their most desperate moments, an animal will become wildly aggressive in hopes that it will either intimidate its enemy into retreating or, at the very least, fight hard enough that it lives to fight another day.

I can’t help but see this in the left right now and it’s the transgender activists aiming at kids that make this pretty apparent.

For a long time, I thought it was absolute hubris that brought the left to the mind-boggling conclusion that they should begin training the youth in the way of mental illness. You would think that many a parent would see the outcome of the transgender youth and immediately try to put their kid as far away from transgenderism as possible. Still, it’s pretty evident that too many on the left are okay with accepting the transgender blitzkrieg of our culture.

These people have been convinced that embracing a mental illness isn’t embracing a mental illness, but instead embracing their true selves. Indeed, this has injected transgender activists with a mainlined overdose of pride and confidence to push forward with their agendas, but this didn’t start with them.

Their confidence is a byproduct of a mainstream attitude shift. Transgenderism began as a super-small fringe part of the population that only grew after mainstream acceptance by the media. The moment the words “Call me Caitlyn” were printed on the cover of Vanity Fair in front of a feminized Bruce Jenner, the transgender community experienced an incredible bump in support from the left.

The left had created one more protected group that they could use as a tool to bash Republicans, conservatives, and Christians with. Naturally, the left didn’t truly care about transgender people. The newly minted “Caitlyn Jenner” would lose all of his support when he announced that he was voting Republican, and no one came to his rescue from the media then.

However, while the mainstream culture would still carry the transgender torch, the general populace began to cool on transgenderism. Soon after, many began to sour on it. By the time 2022 rolled around, many in the general populace were openly denouncing it, and by 2023 Bud Light lost a huge chunk of its customer base for featuring a transgender influencer as one of its frontmen.

So where does the desperation come in?

As all of this was happening, the left began pushing the Overton Window too far, and too quickly. Social justice began invading everything from comics, movies, television, and even video games, all in an attempt to normalize radical leftist politics. The expectation is that people would do what they always did. They would eventually just get used to this kind of thinking and their kids would grow up around it, making what should be fringe ideas just another everyday thing.

But they gravely miscalculated. With every preachy release, audiences began turning away in droves and never returning. In schools, wherever woke ideas appeared, parents rose up to fight them and push those who implemented these lessons into the curricula out.

At the same time, the mainstream began losing its hold on the conversation. The internet gave rise to alternate commentators and websites that defied mainstream narratives. Elon Musk purchasing Twitter and removing the overt leftist bias changed social media interactions for the better. The rise of Rumble gave people somewhere to go other than YouTube to see conversations and commentary unfettered by leftist moderators.

The left was watching the culture begin to slip through its hands. Its narratives were continuously wrecked and its politicians, influencers, and activists were regularly embarrassed.

If you’re an authoritarian losing your grip on your path to authority, what do you do?

With their backs against the wall, the left saw their rise back to total power in your children. All they have to do is apply as much pressure as they can to convince your kids that their natural insecurities are a result of people trying to keep them in a box they don’t belong in. They prey on the natural rebelliousness of a teenager against their parents as way to convince them that all they need to do to feel like they are more themselves is to push their parents away and become whatever it is the left says they actually are.

They would normalize transgenderism to the child, tell the child they themselves are transgender, and make it seem as if anyone who disagrees with their newfound gender fluidity is hateful, bigoted, and part of a culture that wishes to harm them. This would naturally cause them to distance themselves from people who actually love them and want the best for them.

Isolated, fearful, and now hateful, they become good little foot soldiers who will act, speak, and vote exactly how they’re told by the left.

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The trans-kid movement that you see on television looks like absolute lunacy. Rest assured, it is. There’s nothing logical about it, especially given the fact that transgenderism and youth result in so much depression and suicide.

But a cornered animal isn’t thinking clearly. It’s filled with fear and desperation. It will lash out at anything and anyone, no matter how innocent.

What you’re seeing is the left grasping desperately, and the easiest thing for them to grasp onto right now is your children.



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