Threats of Violence Erupt as Disney's Live-Action Casting for 'Lilo and Stitch' Features Light-Skinned Actors

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Disney’s casting choices have been nothing short of bizarre as of late, and a lot of it boils down to Disney’s commitment to social justice. Race swapping is now the norm and nothing is safe, especially red-haired white-skinned mermaids.


When people complained that the much-beloved Ariel would now be a black girl, people spoke out against the unnecessary race swap as making no sense, and moreover, that it was just another hand-me-down character to the black community who know that the swap effectively amounts to white leftovers.

This resulted in the typical accusations of racism and bigotry. Social justice advocates laughed at the backlash, wholly taking ownership of the modern era through the culture and parading around their ill-gotten “win.”

But these same people who were dancing moments ago are now threatening violence and even suicide over Disney’s recent casting for the live-action version of “Lilo and Stitch.”

According to the latest updates about the film, Kahiau Machado, a newcomer to the acting scene, has been cast as David Kawena, the love interest of older sister “Nani” in the film. The “Film Updates” Twitter account posted a side-by-side photo of Macahdo and the Kewana character, and what resulted was nothing short of insanity.

As captured by “MasteroftheTDS” on Twitter, social justice advocates noted that Machado’s skin color was a little too light for them and threats of violence and suicide erupted from the community.

“KILL YA PRODUCER,” tweeted one user.


“d3ath to the casting director of this movie I’m so serious,” tweeted another.

“who is this yellow cracker?” asked another.

“I’m going to kill myself in front of the people who’re casting this movie to change the trajectory of their lives in hopes they will change their minds,” tweeted another.

Other threats about how the movie’s organizers had better count their days and various commentary about how Disney is being obedient to white tourism could be seen as well.

Not much is known about Machado at this time, but it’s clear that he’s a surfer just like the character he plays. A picture of him posing with this surfboard has been making the rounds and the background looks like a place in Hawaii. It’s still unclear whether or not he’s from the island but we can expect updates about that sooner than later.

That said, clues point to the fact that Macahdo is a good representation of his character, and he’s clearly of Hawaiian ancestry. This is one of those times that Disney seems to have gotten the casting right.


The reaction by the social justice community is nothing short of insane and it’s proof that major corporations like Disney should not be caving to these lunatics at any level. Nothing will ever be good enough for them unless it’s complete and total obedience to their twisted worldview.

While I sincerely doubt that any of these keyboard warriors have the guts to do violence themselves, much less to themselves, the sad fact is that they would celebrate if it was reported tomorrow that one of the casting directors was harmed or fatally wounded.

It’s just further proof that taking these people seriously in any way is a waste of life. They don’t want to see reason, they just want obedience to the cause, and you never know when you’ll stray into disobedience.

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