Project Veritas Social Media Following in Free Fall After James O'Keefe's Ousting

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Project Veritas is already bleeding out in terms of a following after its board made the choice to oust CEO James O’Keefe as its social media following seems to be diminishing at a rapid pace.


Project Veritas was once a monumental force in the political realm thanks to the undercover stings that blew up leftist organizations, corporations, and politicians with such effectiveness that it became an outspoken fear among the left that anyone they met could be an agent of James O’Keefe.

But all things must come to an end. O’Keefe had just claimed Pfizer’s scalp after a sting revealed the pharmaceutical company was altering the Coronavirus in order to sell more vaccines. This was some very real Bond villain stuff they had uncovered, but for some currently unknown reason, the board members of Project Veritas picked that moment to kick O’Keefe to the curb.

As I wrote yesterday, the entire ordeal caused the public to sour on Project Veritas as all the trust and confidence held by the public rested on its former frontman, O’Keefe. Its recovery is all a long shot as the public now not only despises the board for firing O’Keefe, the timing of it is only going to arouse suspicion and distrust.

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Sure enough, the public has already begun shunning the organization and showing its displeasure by unfollowing it on its socials.

As first pointed out to me by YouTuber SciFi4Me, shows Project Veritas is experiencing steep declines on mainstream social media websites.


On YouTube, when O’Keefe’s story hit the news cycle on Monday, Project Veritas’s channel lost 40,000 subscribers. As of this writing on Tuesday, the channel has lost 20,000 subscribers with more expected to go before the day is up.

On Instagram, Project Veritas experienced a drop of 56,198 followers on Monday. The numbers for Tuesday are still pending.

On Twitter, the number gets even bigger as on Monday, Project Veritas experienced a whopping loss of 191,664 followers. As of this writing on Tuesday, it’s lost an additional 73,656.

To be sure, Project Veritas had a very deep following before it all began and it’s likely that it will still have quite a few followers when the dust clears, but this kind of mass unfollowing is something no company wants to witness.

How Project Veritas plans to stop the bleeding is still yet to be seen, if the organization has a plan at all, but it’s unlikely that it will ever be as popular as it was before.


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