An Angry Lauren Boebert Goes Nuclear On Former Twitter Execs Over Censorship

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert unloaded every verbal barrel she had at the previous executives at Twitter during the congressional hearing regarding the exposure of the Twitter files.


Boebert was addressing Yoel Roth, former head of Twitter’s Trust and Safety, and Vijaya Gadde, former chief legal officer at Twitter on the issue of their unfair censorship toward conservatives. Specifically, Boebert asked the two if they had ever shadow-banned her in particular.

Both denied ever having done it, but Boebert was ready for the denial. Looking at her notes she noted there was, in fact, interference with her account as information had been provided to her by Twitter’s new leadership.

“Well, let me refresh your memory,” began Boebert. “On March 12, 2021, Mr. Roth, I know you looked at it because fascist Twitter 1.0 had a public interest exceptions policy which means for members of Congress to be shadowbanned, it had to go before you, Mr. Roth. So I’ll ask again: Did you shadow-ban my account? Yes or no?”

Roth made a second denial, but the cat was out of the bag thanks to Elon Musk’s staff. She had the information that they had indeed silenced her and over a simple joke she’d made about Hillary Clinton being angry she couldn’t rig her election. Roth’s response, according to the information provided to Boebert, was to place a 90-day filter on her account so she couldn’t be found in searches and prevented notification for non-followers.

“This is considered an aggressive visibility filter,” said Boebert. “You silenced members of congress from communicating with their constituents. You silenced me from communicating with the American people over a freaking joke.”


“Who the hell do you think you are?” she asked.

Boebert continued to lay into the former execs by noting that what they did was indeed election interference. This includes suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story, a member of Congress, and the banning of a U.S. President.

Boebert noted that they thought they were safe under Section 230, but she reminded them that this protection was for publishers, not editors and that the former staff of Twitter was acting as editors.

Boebert finished by saying that she wasn’t angry for herself but for the Americans they silenced.

“I am angry for the millions of Americans who were silenced because of your decisions, because of your actions, because of your collusion with the federal government,” said Boebert. “They can’t reach out to Elon. They can’t sit here today and hold you in account.”

During these hearings, Roth claimed he was “surprised” by the visibility filters put on elected officials, but Musk revealed that claim to be absolutely false seeing as how Roth placed many of them there himself.


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