Ted Cruz Had an Appropriate Response to the Sponsor of the Grammys Pro-Satan Moment

If you didn’t know, the Grammys happened last night and it was about as cringe-inducing and try-hard as award shows can get. The sinking trend of viewership from award shows will likely continue after some of the self-indulgent nonsense heaped on America that was put on display last night.


One moment featured musician Sam Smith and his new single “Unholy.” Everything from the song to the performance is reminiscent of Lil Nas X’s “Call Me By Your Name,” another gay artist who looked like he was trying to cash in on the pro-Satan shock value.

The shock value is wearing off and all that’s left is just either revulsion or boredom. Smith’s performance had all the cliches. Red lights, pyrotechnics, BDSM, twerking, half-naked people, and tired devilish imagery. Be careful not to cut yourself on all this edge should you go find the full performance.

Smith’s performance was one of the more controversial of the night but that was nothing compared to what happened right after it. As the lights faded the network cut to commercial and brought you the news that this moment was brought to you by none other than Pfizer.

You know, Pfizer, that company whose executives have been doing everything from manipulating your ability to express yourself on social media to confessing that the company is manipulating the coronavirus to sell more vaccines.

After it was revealed the pharmaceutical company had endorsed and funded the pro-Satan display, Texas Senator Ted Cruz slammed the entire display with his typical wit.


Cruz’s joke has too much truth attached to it. I can’t think of a company more evil than Pfizer at this time. It makes drugs that are supposed to improve your life, but it’s currently acting as a societal dictator with the help of would-be dictators.

There’s definitely a competition for what could be more unpopular right now. Award shows featuring some of the most insecure people desperately grasping for attention, even if it’s negative…

Or the big pharma company so bent on making money that they’ll happily make you sick and stop the truth from getting out about their flagship product. The truth is that if both of these things were suddenly wiped off the Earth, some semblance of stability would return to society.

But this is the state of things in mainstream culture. At this point, the counter-culture is anything that truly celebrates beauty and truth.


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