HuffPo Journalist Walks Back Everything She Thought About J.K. Rowling After Just a Little Digging

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Huffington Post and writer E. J. Rosetta was like many left-leaning writers. If you said the name of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, she would probably look like she just smelled something awful and begin ranting and raving about the transphobia that the much-despised woman represents.


Rowling is a well-despised figure to social justice advocates and LGBT activists and allies. The simple reason is that she stands up for women, and not of the trans variety. Actual, biological women. This is a grand sin in the LGBT activist community, as according to their narrative, men and women are interchangeable. Saying anything to the contrary requires summary execution…socially speaking.

Rosetta was ready to bring the axe down on Rowling’s neck with an article titled “20 Transphobic JK Rowling Quotes We’re Done With.” The article, as you can guess, was meant to explore the horrific transphobia of the Potterworld author, further damning her to a life of social exclusion and cancelation.

Only something went wrong. Rosetta did something that the left hasn’t seen in a long, long time…journalism. As she posted in a Twitter thread that’s worth reading in its entirety, the HuffPo writer began with the goal of vengeance and by the end of her research she easily concluded that everyone is “burning the wrong witch.”

“Right, I’m done,” she began. “3 months ago, I was tasked with writing an article detailing “20 Transphobic JK Rowling Quotes We’re Done With” After 12 weeks of reading her books, tweets, full essay & finding the context of these “quotes”, I’ve not found a single truly transphobic message.”


Rosetta explained that she soon discovered that Rowling was not an “intolerable transphobe” but a woman who could have enjoyed fame and love but instead decided to be a warrior for women’s rights in the face of guaranteed hatred from a very large transgender movement. She said that while everyone was trying to go along to get along, Rowling was one of the few people paying attention.

“JK saw the loopholes being created & knew that women needed a voice,” Rosetta continued. “So instead of sitting back & wishing everyone well, said “It’s got to be me, hasn’t it?”. She did something terrifying & amazing & used her voice, I suspect knowing damn well what was to come. That’s bravery.”

Rosetta said that after three months of dedicated research, she found nothing transphobic from Rowling and that the abuse she endured — including death and rape threats — was as unforgivable as it was unwarranted.
Shame on those who have framed her under the guise of “reporting” when you must know, deep down, you are just chucking out clickbait & stirring up hate. Shame on those who followed that propaganda without critical thought.

“Shame on those who have framed her under the guise of “reporting” when you must know, deep down, you are just chucking out clickbait & stirring up hate,” she wrote. “Shame on those who followed that propaganda without critical thought. You’re burning the wrong witch. I stand with [Rowling].”


You can read the thread by clicking the tweet below.

But Rosetta wasn’t done. She then listed the excuses often given her for why she had to hate Rowling or why no one could actually pinpoint what it was that Rowling said that was so transphobic. Long story short, they couldn’t actually name anything but still, somehow, they knew she was guilty and evil. So they spewed vitriol and threats at the author, which Rosetta now sees is the only hatred actually being thrown around.

“If you’re looking for hate in JK’s tweets via todays “journalism”, I’ve got bad news for ya. Pssst… The call is coming from inside the house,” she tweeted.

What Rosetta discovered is a common problem in today’s society. Oftentimes, legacy and mainstream media sources often attack the innocent and mischaracterize them, causing a mass delusion that generates hate. Many people who face this level of vitriol don’t deserve it and the reason they’ve been labeled as societal outcasts isn’t that they did anything wrong, but because they simply disagreed with the wrong people.


Rowling is one of the most clear-cut examples of this. Sadly, I don’t think Rosetta’s journalism will win over too many people with Rowling’s side, though I’m happy to be wrong. What I do anticipate is that the guns that are pointed at Rowling will now also be pointed at Rosetta.

But not undeserved hatred is bad. Sometimes being hated means you’re doing the right thing, and Rosetta did something both brave and right, and in a better world, she’d be widely admired for it.


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