Trans Activists Try Finding New Ways of Bombing 'Hogwarts Legacy' but Only Generate More Hype

The ongoing saga surrounding the upcoming video game “Hogwarts Legacy” has been fascinating and fun to watch as it’s become a beachhead in an ongoing culture war between the trans activist community and everyone else.


As RedState has previously covered, the video game takes place in the world of Harry Potter and allows players to become a student at Hogwarts, the famed school for witches and wizards. The “Harry Potter” series was the creation of author J.K. Rowling, a woman who has become public enemy number one to the LGBT activist community for her unwillingness to cave to the transgender narrative.

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The upcoming “Hogwarts Legacy” game has been protested by trans activists. Their reasoning is that buying and playing the game is the same as endorsing Rowling’s “bigotry” and “transphobia.” While the radical left likes to paint Rowling’s refusal to acknowledge the trans narrative as an endorsement of violence against transgender people (it’s not) everyone else is laughing at their moral panic.

Not only that, it’s generated a “buycott” movement based purely on spite. Hilariously, trans activists on Twitter are trying new ways to make the game unappealing to people, but despite their best efforts, it only has made people more excited.


Take, for instance, this tweet currently gaining virality. “SheepishVampire” took to Steam, an online game store, and added tags to the game’s store page that the user considered “bad.”

“Some of the tags for hogwarts legacy. Despite the ones I added the top tags for hogwarts legacy rn are villain protagonist and capitalism. Lets keep this going y’all put in the bad tags!” tweeted the user.

The replies to this attempt at bombing the game with “bad tags” have been nothing short of hilarious. Most can be summed up by YouTube Melonie Mac’s response.

“These tags are making the game sound EVEN MORE fun, good job guys!” tweeted Mac.

This latest attempt shows just how disconnected the trans activist communities and their allies are from the rest of society. While the vast majority of people consider genocide a bad thing, what they do find hilarious is the overdramatic claims of hard-left ideologues and LGBT political activists.


Rowling has done nothing wrong, morally speaking, and attempting to paint fans of the Potterverse as immoral villains for simply playing a game is a surefire way of making people take you less seriously. Moreover, it will make people do the opposite of what you’d like as a way to teach you a lesson.

If the LGBT activist community would just let people be, then there’d be a lot more goodwill among the populace, but it’s campaigns like this that really show these activists for what they really are; would-be societal dictators.

I’ll be purchasing and playing “Hogwarts Legacy” when it releases on February 10.


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