Cori Bush's Latest Kyle Rittenhouse Rant Is Not Only Mind-Numbingly Stupid, It's Also Incredibly Dangerous

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

In a House of Representatives full of radical imbeciles lacking any serious intellectual capacity, Cori Bush manages to tower above the rest in sheer incapability. That’s no easy feat given the stiff competition apparent in the Democrat Party. The self-evident communist has exposed herself with one irrational rant after another since taking office.


There was the time she trashed a police officer for shooting a girl who was in the process of stabbing another girl. And who could forget the time she defended defunding the police by citing all the security she has to have for herself? Or the time she promoted a scam artist on CNN while demanding an unconstitutional eviction moratorium? I could keep going, but you get the idea.

But with someone like Bush, you can always count on her one-upping herself. That happened today when she delivered yet another ridiculous rant about Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen currently on trial for defending himself during the Kenosha riots.

So without further ado, I present to you things that absolutely did not happen, by Cori Bush.

Now, let’s ignore for a second how ludicrous this story is, and trust me, we’ll get there. Even if this were true, what does it have to do with Kyle Rittenhouse shooting three white guys in self-defense? There is video evidence showing he was threatened, chased, and attacked before firing. Yet, Bush is so blood-thirsty that she’d see an innocent man thrown in prison for life to make her feel better about an incident she made up. Think about how depraved that is.


But on the merits, there is no evidence that what she says occurred, though, one person on social media claimed to have proof it did via The Washington Post. Let’s examine that, shall we?

Yet, a closer examination of the above article shows that 1) that incident did not happen in Ferguson 2) did not involve “white supremacists” and 3) that the men involved were arrested. And just to put the cherry on top, one of the men who was arrested was Hispanic. In other words, none of the details fit Bush’s story about roving, unpunished white supremacists taking potshots at her during the Ferguson riots. Nor would that have any relation to what Kyle Rittenhouse did regardless.

And can we just note that Michael Brown was definitively not “murdered?” But I digress, falsehoods are to be expected when dealing with anything Bush says.

Still, what strikes me the most about Bush’s claim is how dangerous it is. It is an open invitation for people to riot and target not only Rittenhouse, but the judge involved. She is not even entertaining the idea that he could be found legitimately not guilty, despite the reality that the facts are in his favor. Instead, she’s whipping up resentment and framing this as a racial issue when it is clearly not. That’s absolutely disgusting and pathological.


Bush is not fit to hold public office. That’s been clear for a long time. And if the Democrat leadership had any semblance of a backbone, they reprimand her for this dangerous idiocy.


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